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10 ways to beat the January Blues From Dr of Happiness – Andy Cope

Have the dark nights and cold weather got you a bit down in the dumps well we’re here to helps as The UK’s first Dr of Happiness and Author of Happiness – your route map to inner joy, Any Cope shares some great advice to banish the 2018 January Blues.

Book of Happiness
Authors Andy and Shonette

Calculate your happiness
According to the esteemed researchers at the University of London’s Institute of Education, here are some monetary values of happiness:

    • Seeing friends and relatives is equivalent to a pay rise of £64k a year
    • Having nice neighbours is worth £37k a year
    • Excellent health is estimated to be worth £300k a year to you

Sleep on it
We’re cramming so much in to life that something has to give and, often, that ‘something’ is sleep. Continuing the money theme, a University of Warwick study found that improving your sleep quality leads to levels of mental and physical health comparable to those of somebody who’s won a jackpot of around £200,000. If getting more sleep is equivalent to a lottery win we suggest you treat yourself and your family to a guaranteed winning ticket.


Plenty of the F-word
FAILURE! Dirty, rotten, foul-mouthed, despicable failure. Every winner has failed in epic proportions. If you want to shine, you will have to accept abject failure. Repeatedly. With tears at times. With jeers at others. So failure, yes. But stay in the game. The truth is simple; if we’re unwilling to fail, we’re unwilling to succeed.

Upgrade your knickers
Stop saving your special pants for a special occasion and wake up to the fact that life is the ultimate special occasion.

Be a hugger
The average hug lasts 2.1 seconds but for the love to transfer a hug needs to last 7 seconds or longer (but warned, counting out loud spoils the effect).


Less anti-social media
No explanation required, other than to remind you that in terms of happiness, one true flesh & blood friend will bring you more happiness than 1000 Facebook ones. Cut your social media by 50% and spend time with real family and friends instead.

Experience’ 2018
The general rule is that happiness comes from doing stuff rather than accumulating stuff. You’ll realise that the top 10 happiest moments of your life are ‘experiences’ rather than ‘products’. In 2018, set your stall out to have more experiences.


Get snuggly
Us Brits, we like to moan about our weather. It’s a bit of a hobby of ours. So because our weather’s a bit dodgy, we holiday in Greece and one of the Costas. The world happiness league tables mean we might be missing a trick? The UK is languishing at 17th in the international league table of happiness while the top 5 – Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Canada & Switzerland – have all got weather that’s worse than ours. The secret to happiness seems to be in embracing the snuggles. Here’s a raft of new words for you; we think you’ll notice a theme:

  • Mysa. [Swedish] To be engaged in a pleasant or comfortable activity; to be content or comfortable; to get cosy; to snuggle up.
  • Peiskos. [Norwegian] Lit. Fireplace coziness, sitting in front of a crackling fireplace enjoying the warmth.
  • Hygge. [Danish] Enjoying life’s simple pleasures. Coziness. Snuggliness.

All the above are more than words, they’re philosophies. Mysa, Peiskos, Hygge: learn from the happy Scandis. Snuggle into the snuggly moments.

Snuggle up by the fireplace

As we grow up, we can get weighed down with responsibilities and life can lose its lustre. Stop seeing yourself as a ‘responsible adult’ and start being an ‘inspirational adult’. Rewind to when you were 6, a time when everything was new and exciting. Start jumping in puddles and playing on the swings

Puppy love
If all else fails, our 11th hour contribution to ‘how to have a happy 2018’ is be the kind of person your dog thinks you are.

Pug at Christmas sleeping

Andy Cope and Shonette Bason-Wood are co-authors of Happiness – your route-map to inner joy. Available now on Amazon. Find out more at http://www.artofbrilliance.co.uk/

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