Bananagrams Game

Bananagrams – The educational word game which doesn’t need a board and will have you playing for hours on end.  As someone shouts “Split” the game of word making begins. We were kindly sent this to review.

  • 144 plastic tile shaped letters
  • Bananagram pouch
  • For ages 5 +
  • From as little as 1 player to as many as you want
  • No board needed
  • no batteries required
  • Manufacturer: Winning Moves

When Bananagrams arrived in the office we were itching to give it a go, as we unzipped the bright yellow banana shaped bag and dumped the letters out onto a table already you could see everyone ponder over what words they could make out, or as I like to call them – cheaters!

The game can be played with as little as one person and can last for as little as five minutes or as long as it takes for someone to use all their letters first, however players can challenge words and if they are not in the dictionary that player loses and all of their tiles go back into the pile – as Holly from our team had to learn the hard way.

First off to start playing the game simply empty the bag, turn all 144 tiles face-side down, mix up and divide between players, for example 2-4 players will get 21 tiles each or five to six players would recieve15 tiles each and so on.  The game does not need a board so it is perfect for when you are on a holiday, heading to friends or sitting round an office desk with a biscuit in tow.

After this has been done any player around the table can shout “Split” and this is the signal for the game to begin but you better be fast as when a player uses up all of his or her words, he or she shouts “Peel” and players are to pick another letter.  As you can imagine our game was a who’s who is Christmas land with words such as jolly and grotto being used.

You can rearrange your letters as often as you like and even pick a new letter by shouting “Dump” but I tried not to do this too often as you have to grab three at a time and they can be pretty difficult to place – yes I know you can tell I never won the game!

Tip: Even when all hope seems lost on a letter, hold off, as another player will announce, “Peel”, and it just may be that the next drawn letter is the one you need to form a word – Sneaky? No just a winning tactic.

Once a player shouts out “Bananas” you know the game could potentially be over, check their words in the dictionary and if it is all correct they win the game.  To make the game more fun set a number of hands which have to be won before a winner is picked.

Bananagrams created by Winning Moves is the ultimate game to play around the table at Christmas, not only is it educational as it helps to promote pre-literacy skills, but the family-owned company also received the AblePlay Seal of Approval for it’s hands-on approach to learning.

Overall we at UTCT think this toy is great for all ages, fun and exciting and although you can play just as a single player we felt having a host of players made it even more challenging but beware you might just go a little crazy trying to think of words.

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