Beat The January Blues

Christmas is over… for now, but fear not! We know the January Blues are probably hitting in round about now, so we’ve thought of a few ways for you to send them on their way.

Detox – yes, believe it or not, putting down the tin of Quality Street will actually make you feel better (much as we hate to admit it).  Having a lot of sugar can cause your mood to lift temporarily, then causes it to crash, making you feel less energetic, lethargic, tired and even grumpy. You can beat this by regulating your sugar levels with three meals a day and healthy snacking in between.

Exercise – Even running for the bus can give you an energy boost and help lift your mood.  Exercising releases feel good endorphins and gives you some healthy adrenaline, making you feel more energized and happy throughout the day.

Routine – We humans are creatures of habit, and believe it or not, we love our daily routines.  Get yourself into a routine where you can manage all the things you need to get through in the day and you will find yourself more content throughout the day.

Look Forward! – Planning events and milestones for the year ahead will give you and your family something to look forward.  It needn’t be anything huge like a holiday abroad, but could be something like ‘lunch in the park in summertime’ or ‘Cinema with the family’.

Set Goals – New Years Resolutions are always difficult to stick to, so instead of setting a resolution to ‘lose 20lbs’ why not set a goal to drink more water instead of sugary drinks? These goals are far more achievable and will give you a feel-good boost when you reach your goals.

These are just a few ways to beat the January blues.  Do you have any suggestions? – let us know below.

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