Homemade Christmas Decorations

Check out our handy tips on how to make your own homemade Christmas Decorations.

Nothing beats homemade decoration, sometime’s they may not look as good as the shop bought however with the whole family getting involved and helping out this really doesn’t matter.

Finding the time and inspiration to do homemade Christmas decorations can be difficult especially as kids start to get very excited as Santa will soon be here, however this can be an activity which you and your child can do together, keeping them busy while helping mum and dad out.

Homemade Christmas Decorations with the Kids

Paper Chains – the old tradition has just got a bit more colourful. Cut 21cm x 2.5cm strips from a selection of patterned papers to fit in with the rest of the decorations.

Fold one strip into a loop and stick the ends together using tacky glue or double-sided tape. Thread the next one through the first and glue as before. Keep this going until you reach the desired length.

Homemade Christmas Cards – more for the children rather than the parents. All you need is some card or even paper, glue, glitter, ribbon and some pens. Why not print off christmas images from the computer and let your little one get designing.

Paper Plate Angel – This was something we used to do do when we were younger (and we are sure you did to!) you can have lots of fun and your little one will love it when you top the tree of with their angel. All you need to do is cut a V shape on the paper plate, decorate with felt,  glitter and more when finished overlap the angels skirt and glue or tape down!

How to make a red and white felt stocking

Get some templates to use as a guide, cut out two white stockings with pinking shears, approx 40 cm (top to heel) and one red stocking, slightly smaller in size.

Cut out three circles from the red stocking, then lay it on top of one of the white stockings and attach by using a simple running stitch, 1cm in from the edge, in a contrasting colour thread. Decorate each white circle with different buttons and crafts. When joining your stocking stitch both white piece together, finish with embellishment and some ribbon to hang.

Why not get some glitter and put some sparkle on your stocking!

These are just a few creative ways to decorate your home for the festive period which will not only keep your little one busy but you will have hours of fun together.

Do you use homemade decorations? What do you make? Comments using our comments box below:

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