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Best Spirits & Liqueurs for Christmas 2022

At Christmas there are lots of new flavours of spirits and liqueurs and trying to decide which one to try can seem impossible, so we’ve rounded up the BEST spirits and liqueurs for Christmas 2022.

Best Spirits & Liqueurs for Christmas 2022

We were kindly sent these to try (someone had to do it!) and we reveal what we feel are the best spirits and liqueurs for Christmas 2022:

Emperor Chocolate Vodka 70cl £ 29.99 SHOP NOW

Emperor Chocolate Vodka
Image credit: Emperor Vodka

Vodka and chocolate together? What’s not to love with the Emperor Vodka Chocolate? This 5 x distilled vodka has been infused with chocolate to give an indulgent drink. Our team really liked this drink, they liked how rich and creamy the drink was but it wasn’t overly sweet and felt this would go great with nuts or with a fruit platter.

Tesco Finest The Melodist Mango & Passion Fruit Gin 70Cl, £20 SHOP NOW

Tesco Finest The Melodist Mango & Passion Fruit Gin 70Cl
Image credit: Tesco

The Melodist is packed full of flavour, Mango & Passionfruit with hints of juniper and lemongrass to give the perfect balance so this is not too sweet and would be ideally served with tonic and ice. Our team thought the gin was a good taste, no one flavour overpowered the other and would be great to serve with a charcuterie board.

Emperor Vodka Lychee 70cl, £29.99 SHOP NOW

Emperor Vodka Lychee
Image credit: Emperor Vodka

Packed full of flavour, Emperor Lychee Vodka has been 5 x distilled and has a good balance of sweet and fruit tastes such as strawberry and floral tones. Our team thought this Lychee Vodka was very tasty when added in with soda water and would be the perfect party cocktail.

Tesco Finest XO Brandy 70Cl, £16.50 SHOP NOW

Tesco Finest XO Brandy 70Cl
Image credit: Tesco

Aged for 5 years, this Tesco Finest Brandy is smooth and mellow with tasty fruits throughout and an oak finish and would be served on a cold winter’s night with a mince pie. Our team thought this Brandy was delicious, it was smooth, packed full of flavour and didn’t catch the back of your throat as some other Brandy’s do.

Emperor Vodka Passionfruit 70cl, £29.99 SHOP NOW

Emperor Vodka Passionfruit
Image credit: Emperor Vodka

Looking for something with a sweet and sour balance? Then Emperor Passionfruit Vodka which has been 5 x distilled has everything you would want from a passionfruit vodka. It is both sweet and sour which is the perfect balance giving a tropical citrus flavour and would be great with a light chocolate dessert or fruit cocktail. Our team really enjoyed the flavour of this vodka and how smooth it was to drink and felt that it would be great to use in a Martini and serve at a party.

Asda Extra Special Chocolate Orange Liqueur, £8 SHOP NOW

Asda Extra Special Chocolate Orange Liqueur
Image credit: ASDA

Asda’s Extra Special Chocolate Orange Liqueur is infused with Seville Orange to balance out the sweetness of the chocolate and can be tasted throughout. This would be served on its own or over some vanilla ice cream and would pair with nuts and dried fruits. Our team thought this was a very tasty drink and loved the combination of flavours and would definitely have this again.

Emperor Vodka Original, 70cl £29.99 SHOP NOW

Emperor Vodka Original
Image credit: Emperor Vodka

Emperor Vodka Orignal has been distilled 5x in traditional copper barrels and this gives a very smooth vodka. As this is unflavoured this vodka can be used to make some tasty cocktails such as Cranberry & Vodka Martini for a Christmas twist. Our team really enjoyed this vodka as it was very smooth and didn’t have a harshness to it and would be served as part of a cocktail for a Christmas party.

Co-op Irresistible Non-Alcoholic Botanical Drink 50cl, £10 SHOP NOW

Co-op Irresistible Non-Alcoholic Botanical Drink 50cl
Image credit: Co-Op

Co-Op’s Non-Alcoholic Botanical Drink is the ideal substitute if you’re not having alcohol. With grapefruit, rosemary and cardamon, this drink is the perfect alternative to gin and would go great with a seafood dish. Our team thought this would be great for those looking for an alcohol-free option and could really taste the rosemary and cardamon which would be perfect with the grapefruit.

Emperor Mojito Vodka 70cl, £29.99 SHOP NOW

Emperor Vodka Mojito
Image credit: Emperor Vodka

With a tasty mint fresh with citrus notes and hints of lime and sugar, the Emperor Mojito Vodka is a refreshing drink which would pair well with a tasty salsa or with seafood such as prawns. Our team enjoyed the refreshing taste and felt the vodka was a nice change from rum and loved the vibrant green bottle. They also felt this would be a great drink to serve just after dinner.

Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Espresso Martini Set, £44.46 SHOP NOW

Lyres Espresso Martini Set
Image credit: Lyres

Espresso Martini is one of the most popular cocktails but what if you are looking to try your very own non-alcoholic version at home? Lyre’s Espresso Martini Set includes Coffee Originale and White Cane Spirit. The Coffee Original has an espresso taste with spices and caramel throughout. The White Cane has oak and sugar cane with tastes of orange and marzipan throughout. Our team really enjoyed the flavour of the martini, it had the perfect balance of espresso and sweetness and couldn’t believe how much it tasted like an original Espresso Martini but just without the alcohol. They felt this would be served great with fresh fruit such as berries or Croissants.

Ramsbury Single Estate Vodka, £29.50 SHOP NOW

Ramsbury Vodka
Image credit: Ramsbury Estate

A smooth and rich vodka which has been crafted from Winter wheat from the Ramsbury Estate. With a creamy texture and vanilla tones, this vodka is smooth to drink and would pair well with salads, canapes or some salty cheeses. Our team enjoyed the smooth taste and felt it tasted really nice with some soda water and lime.

Scilly Spirit Distillery Island Gin 70cl, £44.90 SHOP NOW

Scilly Spirit Island Gin
Image credit: Scilly Spirit Distillery 

This award-winning gin is full of flavour with juniper, orange and lime and warming hints of cassia. With a fresh taste balanced out by the spicy warmth of cardamom and pepper, this is a very pleasant gin. This would pair well with beef or other red meats and if you are vegetarian, a tasty, creamy garlic pasta dish. Our team really enjoyed this Island Gin, it had everything they would want from it, the flavours worked very well together and really enjoyed the cassia flavour as this gave a real warmth – perfect for those cold winter nights and at 44% alcohol, it really packed a punch.

Emperor Watermelon Vodka 70cl, £29.99 SHOP NOW

Emperor Vodka Watermelon
Image credit: Emperor Vodka

Emperor Watermelon Vodka has fruit flavours which are sweet, bitter and a little sour and all three of these together give such a unique and refreshing taste. This would pair well with foods such as pork or chicken or a salad. Our team loved the flavour and taste of this vodka and really enjoyed how refreshing it is and a little lemonade would make the perfect dinner drink.

These are some of our top picks for Christmas 2022. We’ve also rounded up the BEST wines for Christmas 2022 which include white, rose and red wine.