Cars 2 Toys

Cars has got to be one of the most popular Pixar films out. When the first film was released it was extremely popular. Now there’s going to be…Cars 2! So what’s going to be the plot line for this film? Lightening McQueen and everyone’s favourite tow truck Mater are heading overseas to compete in the first ever World Grand Prix to find out who has the world’s fastest car.

However the road the championship isn’t going to be plain sailing. With plenty of potholes, detours and funny surprises when Mater gets caught up in his own action packed adventure as he is torn between assisting Lightening McQueen in the high-profile race or towing the line in a top-secret spy mission. His journey leads him on an explosive chase through the streets of Japan and Europe, trailed by his friends and watch by the entire world.

Below are a selection of the latest Cars 2 Toys which are available.

Cars 2 Toys

Lightning McQueen Learning Laptop

Kids can now learn about letters, words, numbers, colours, shapes, everyday objects and more with the new Cars 2 Lightning McQueen Learning Laptop. This new cars 2 laptop from VTech has a styled appearance just like Lightening McQueen, has a realistic keyboard and mouse.

Lego Big Bentley Bust Out 8639

Lightning McQueen is being held captive in Big Bentley Tower and he needs help! Its up to Mater, Finn McMissile and Holley Shiftwell to try and save him. Can they get him out? This lego set’s Bentley tower has a secret entrance, working life and has a slammer function to send cars crashing through the clock and out to freedom.

Lego Mack’s Team Truck

Help Mack and Lightning McQueen find their way back to Radiator Springs with Lego Disney Cars 2 Mack’s Team Truck. With cones, racing flag and tools to keep lightning mcqueen in top condition and so that they can practice races, its time for another Cars adventure!

Tokyo Spinout Track Set

Two cars race through the streets of Tokyo but only one can be the winner. One of the vehicles will claim victory while the other will spin out of control and fly off the track with this Cars 2 Tokyo Spinout Track Set. The track features a double launcher and dramatic spinning platforms for the ultimate racing showdown.

VTech Lightning McQueen Digital Camera

Have lots of fun taking photos and videos with the cars 2 lightning mcqueen digital camera. With this camera you can store over 500 photo’s, edit the images and add stamp’s, themes frames and effects. This VTech camera is suitable ages 3 years and up.

Lightning McQueen Learn and Go –

Your little one can learn numbers, letters and more while having loads of fun with the new Vtech Cars 2 Lightning McQueen Learn and Go toy. This features two modes of play, vertical and horizontal. Each mode has different activities for you to choose from, from racing games to educational games such as explorer letters, numbers, counting and more.

Monopoly Cars 2

Monopoly Cars 2 has been released to celebrate the release of the Cars 2 film. Race your way to real estate victory with your favourite characters from the hit film. The aim of the game is to earn the most money and the person at the end of the game who has the most is the winner.

Secret Spy Attack Finn McMissile

Become the ultimate spy with Cars 2 Secret Spy Attack Finn McMissile toy. Equipped with Missiles, Sounds and phrases from the new cars 2 film. Watch as missiles rise up out of the front of the car and see rear mounted missiles which come from the boot and if you take a hit you can protect yourself with the bullet proof visor!

My First Scrabble 

With easy to use colour matching tiles and illustrations from Cars 2 the new Cars 2 My First Scrabble makes spelling a simple fun activity. Children aged 3 -6 years can learn letter recognition and word construction just like in Scrabble. The coloured tiles match the colours on the 15 cards and the pictures spell themselves.

These are no longer available.

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