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Choosing a playset for your children

Swings, slides and playsets are a great way to keep children occupied in the garden, but what should you look out for when choosing one?

Firstly decide what it is that you want, do you think your children would get more use from separate items or would you prefer a playset that incorporates other features and may take up less room in the garden?

Modern swing/playsets often incorporate monkey bars, rope ladders, towers, climbing walls and various other accessories – decide your budget before shopping

Next get some sizes – find out just how much ‘safe’ space you have available.  By ‘safe’ we mean sufficient room for a swing/slide or playset and space left over for your children to run safely around.

If possible, before you commit to buy, take a close look at the playset when constructed and check its quality etc, does it feature rope or chains for the swings?

You can often get a better price when shopping online; take time to shop around to ensure you get the best deal available.  When shopping online please remember to check delivery costs etc.  You can find a range of playsets at companies such as The Entertainer and Amazon

Make sure the playset is suitable for your children’s age(s) and height –especially for little ones who could get a nasty bump on the head from a swing etc.

Check how your chosen set will be anchored to the ground – many playsets have ground anchors or other safeguards incorporated into their products.

Swing sets/Playsets should be installed on level ground and should be approximately 6 feet from surround structures such as fences and wires.

Relax knowing that your chosen outdoor set is safe as your children have fun in the sun.

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