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How to Make Your Guests Feel Welcomed This Christmas

Christmas is close by once again, and once again presents you with the mammoth task of getting your home holiday-ready. This season is promising to be a particularly tough one, though – something that might see you welcoming extra bodies into your home either out of love or necessity. If, this Christmas, you’re setting the table for an extra one or two, what can you do to ensure they feel as welcomed and comfortable as possible?

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Clean the Guest Room

First things first, you need to take the time to prepare your guests’ sleeping space before their arrival. Your spare bedroom might not have seen much use past being a temporary home office in recent months, so a de-clutter and re-jig is definitely in order before you receive your festive visitors.

Most important to this endeavour is the cleaning of the bed, and the changing of sheets. Your guests deserve clean and fresh-smelling sheets to wake up in, at the very least! A good de-clutter can also remove any unwanted and extraneous items, giving them space to feel a little more at-ease.

Decorate for Christmas!

Whether or not you were welcoming loved ones into your home for Christmas, you would have given some time to decorating your home accordingly. But having guests for Christmas makes your decorations all the more important, so as to properly imbue your household with that warm, welcoming festive glow.

Starting from the outside, creating a Christmas display with lights and ornaments can light the way for your guests, and set the stage for a warm, loving home. A wreath on the door and mistletoe hanging from the porch are also sweet touches to beckon in your friends and family.

Inside, there are other little touches that can make your guests feel all the more welcome. Having a Christmas tree up is a given, but what about letting your guest place a final bauble on the tree? Likewise, with the stockings on the mantelpiece: you could have your guests bring or make their own, and display them alongside your household’s.

Festive Smells

Comfort is a nebulous thing, and can be achieved in a number of ways. Decorations and cleanliness are two common ways to render a home welcoming to guests, but what about scent? Festive scented candles and oil diffusers can be used to great effect in bringing your home to life, and creating a pleasant atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Stock Up on Snacks

Image of Christmas cookies

Lastly, the key to anyone’s heart is often through their stomach. Before your guests arrive, make sure to stock up on a variety of snacks both festive and regular. You get additional points for asking your guests about their favourite snacks before they arrive, and stocking up accordingly! Affording them free reign over the snack drawer is another small way to make them feel welcome and loved.