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Christmas Gift Review 2018: Dimplex Opti-Myst Traditional Electric Stove

Winter time can be absolutely freezing outside and what would be better than turning on an electric stove after coming in from the cold outside? We were kindly sent the Dimplex Opti-Myst Traditional Electric Stove to review, here’s what we thought:

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We’ve always had wood-burning stoves in our office so when the Dimplex Opti-Myst Traditional Electric Stove arrived in the office we were happy to see the difference between an electric and a wood burner. To set this up we lifted the electric stove out of the box which was medium in size and placed it onto the fire place. Then we took out the instructions and two included boxes which has everything you need to set up the stove, these are on the inside of the stove which was great as we didn’t have to scatter around trying to find all of the different bits and pieces.

Image of Dimplex traditional stove settings

Taking a look at the instructions, everything seemed pretty straight forward. We lifted out the Sump Nozzle and clipped the bulbs into the bottom of the stove until each one clicked. Then we placed the Transducer Unit into the Sump and joined the connector and then replaced the Sump Nozzle and turned the two red tabs which are located at either side by 90 degrees. Then we filled the water tank with tap water only and put the screw cap back on and placed the Water Tank in the Sump making sure the tank cap was facing down and the flat side of the tank was facing outward. That was then everything we had to do to set up the Opti-Myst and in total took no longer than around 30-45 minutes.

Image of Dimplex traditional stove logs

After that we opened the doors to use the controls and pressed the switch to on and the fire came on and pressed the button with the three steam/flame lines for the flame effect and it gave one beep. This was really effective, it looked just like a real wood-burning stove would, so we pressed the same button again giving off two beeps and the fame effect came on and the stove gave off some heat. Again this looked like we had just added a real log onto the fire and it was burning with flames. Pressing the button a third time sounded with three beeps gave not only the flame effect but also gave out full heat, within minutes the whole room was warm and the stove looked so realistic. Finally we pressed the button once more and one beep sounded which put the fire back to just having the flame only and when we wanted to put the fire into standby we pressed the on button and it gave on beep and the fire was then in stand by mode.

Image of Dimplex Traditional Stove

There was also two Control Knobs, C and D. Control Knob C allowed us to increase or decrease the temperature setting and Control Knob D allowed us to control the intensity of the flame effect. We really liked both of these features, as if the room got too warm, we could simply change the temperature. If we didn’t want a high intense flame we could easily adjust the settings.

Overall, we thought the Dimplex Opti-Myst Traditional Electric Stove was really realistic looking, gave off a great amount of heat and we absolutely loved the way the sleek and elegant stove looked in our office and have to say we’re sold on electric stoves!

Find out more information about this electric stove over at Dimplex or you can buy the stove online for £492 at B&Q.

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