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Christmas Gift Review 2018: Hasbro Monopoly Cheaters Edition

Do you have a cheat in your midst? Monopoly Cheaters edition is the only game where cheating is allowed. We were kindly sent this board game to review, here’s our thoughts.

Follow, bend or break the rules – anything to win!

Image of Monopoly Cheaters edition

Monopoly Cheaters Edition by Hasbro is the only game where cheating is encouraged, yes you can bend and break the rules, so once everything was set up with the usual chance and community chest cards, hotels and the new five cheat cards in the middle of the board the whole team here couldn’t wait to start playing.

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Each player was given £1,500 and selected a character, John had the top hat, Katy the cat, Holly the car, Elaine the Dinosaur and Mandy the dog. Finally we placed each of Title Cards next to the matching squares.

Image of monopoly cheaters edition inside box

Katy went first as she rolled the highest score on the dice, as there is no banker (for the first time in Monpoly history!) each player takes control of the bank on their turn, Katy took hold of the bank tray and rolled the dice. Moving her token she landed on Euston Road, which she decided to buy, so paid the bank and was given the property.

Next was Holly, who rolled the dice and landed on the chance square. She then had to pick one of the chance cards from the deck and follow what it said on the card. Throughout the game you can choose to cheat, all you need do is look at one of the five cheat cards, which are facing upwards on the board, and try and complete the cheat.

Elaine from our team was really sneaky and managed to complete her cheat, which was to steal a few notes from the bank before the next player rolled the dice. Lady Luck was obviously sitting on her shoulder as Elaine managed to steal £70 from the bank without getting caught.

Image of monopoly cheaters edition money

John rolled a double, which gave him another turn he then rolled another double and was prepared to foolhardily risk a third go. As per the instructions, if anyone rolls three doubles in a row they automatically go to jail and have to put on the included handcuffs and. It all got pretty tense as John rolled the dice for the third time and got another double, so it was off to jail for him, much to his disappointment!

Last to play was Mandy who landed on Whitechapel Road which she bought and then it was back to the start for Katy to roll again. The game continued on with everyone buying up property and trying to cheat.

Elaine tried to cheat one time to many and was caught trying to take a Title Deed card which she hadn’t bought. She then had to pay double the rent on the card and it was off to jail for Elaine.

Image of monopoly cheaters edition box

The game continued on until all of the Title Cards were bought, with the last one going up for auction where Mandy was the highest bidder and became the proud owner of Bond Street.

The winner of the game was Holly, who not only managed to get around the board collecting property and hotels, but also had the most money at the end of the game when everyone had passed GO.

Overall we had a blast playing and the game made us suspicious of each other.  This would be the perfect board game for any cheater this Christmas. Watch Mandy unboxing Monopoly Cheaters Edition below.

Hasbro Monopoly Cheaters Edition is suitable for ages 8 years and up and is suitable for between 2 and 8 players.

You can buy Monopoly Cheaters Edition from Amazon UK.

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