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Christmas Gift Review 2019: The Gift Experience Personalised Coffee Advent Calendar

With Christmas creeping its way closer and closer, we’re in desperate need of something to give us a boost. Thanks to the Gift Experience’s Personalised Coffee Advent Calendar, we can have a different coffee pod each day throughout December. We were kindly sent this to review.

December is the time of year when it takes every ounce of motivation that we can muster up to get out of bed, which is why an advent calendar is such a great idea, because it gives us a little bit of what we love every single day and if that’s not enough motivation, we don’t know what is!

Image credit: The Gift Experience

The gift experience have released a coffee advent calendar which can be personalised to suit the recipient. We asked our resident coffee lover, John, to test this out.

“There is no nicer smell to wake up to than the smell of a freshly made coffee. The only exception to that is, of course, Elaines Christmas cake burning…sorry, ‘baking’, in the oven.

Being asked to test out coffee as part of my job is the furthest thing from ‘work’ ever and I couldn’t be more thrilled to try out the Gift Experience’s Coffee Advent Calendar.

Behind each of the 25 doors is a Nespresso coffee pod, each of which have a different variation of coffee. The purple one is a deep, strong rich roast, the red one is a medium strength and the blue one is smooth and nutty. There’s plenty of other variations in the calendar but of the three that I have sneakily tried for review purposes, I must say the blue nutty one is my favourite so far.

Image credit: The Gift Experience

As December comes rolling in, I’ll look forward to trying the other variations!

Overall, this is every coffee lovers dream come true! I’m definitely a fan!”

Available from The Gift Experience.

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