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Snowdrops: Everything you need to know about this flower

One of the first plants to flower in the new year, here’s everything you need to know about every garden’s friendly flower – the Snowdrop!

Bundle of Snowdrops

The Robins are still here, frosty days are getting less and less and one of the very first plants to flower in the new year Snowdrops are here to make the official announcement that Winter is coming to an end and Spring has officially arrived.

Galanthus (its very fancy Botanical name) have a long thin green stem with bell-like white flowers and can grow in most soil types. One of the hardiest flowers, snowdrops has even been known to pop up from under the snow.

Making every space in your garden look like a snowy dream we’ve put together a handy guide on everything you need to know about snowdrops.

Snowdrops in the snow

What month do snowdrops flower?

As these are among the first flowers to arrive in the New Year, snowdrops will push their heads up from January until March.


When should you plant snowdrops?

Late April or May is the best possible time to plant Snowdrops. They prefer a moist (but well-drained soil) partly-shaded area.

A image of snowdrops in the garden

Will snowdrops come back every year?

Yes, snowdrops will pop their heads up every year AND what are more the bulbs multiply every year meaning you can create more displays for free by lifting and dividing the clumps.

How quickly do snowdrops spread?

As these multiply every year you could expect an extra 1-3 bulbs per existing bulb to grow, but if these become too overcrowded this can slow down how many you grow.

A bunch of snowdrops

Where is the best place to plant snowdrops?

As a woodland plant, you will want to look for partially shaded, moist but well-drained soil. Snowdrops enjoy the Summer shade as they go to sleep underground during the Summer months.


We’re off to get buying some bulbs to plant!