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Christmas Gift Review 2020: Wilko Pop It On And Have A Natter Kettle

One thing we all rely on more than we realise is our beloved Kettle. We were kindly gifted the ‘Pop It On And Have A Natter’ Kettle by Wilko and wanted to share our thoughts.

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We never really stop to appreciate our Kettles until that dreaded moment where it no longer works. *insert dramatic music here*..

Whether you’re reaching for tea, coffee or a festive Hot Chocolate, we all need a Kettle we can rely on, especially over Christmas with (Lockdown providing) all of our loved ones popping round for some festive fun.

As mentioned, we were kindly gifted the Wilko ‘Pop It On And Have A Natter’ Kettle and wanted to share our thoughts on it. Mandy was quick to volunteer to test this out so here’s what she had to say:

“I don’t think I could function properly if I couldn’t have my morning brew. The idea of my kettle breaking is enough to make me want to cancel Christmas which is why I was happy to volunteer to test the Wilko ‘Pop it on and have a natter’ Kettle.

First off a bit about its appearance. This is a Copper effect kettle with a domed design and 1.7 Litre capacity which is enough water for at least five large mugs of hot chocolate.

The base has a 360 degree swivel to make it suitable for both left and right handed users. You can easily shorten the cable length by wrapping around the base reel. On top of that, the filter is easily removable for cleaning.

The instructions recommend boiling fresh water at least twice before its first use which I did. I filled the kettle as normal before attaching the lid and securing it to the swivel base. The kettle takes an average amount of time to boil – obviously the more water you have in the kettle. The water level indicator is clear and easy to see which was ideal.

Image credit: Wilko

The stylish design of this is modern and easily wipeable thanks to it being stainless steel – you know you’re officially an ‘adult’ when you like a product that is easy to clean!

This kettle easily provides enough water for five staff here at UTCT HQ and I’m really impressed with how it performs.  At £25 it’s a bargain!”

The Wilko ‘Pop it on and have a natter’ Kettle is available for £25.

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