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Christmas in July – What’s That All About?

With summer well underway and as the sun continues to shine (this has to be a record!) it seems strange that we should be talking about snow, cold and new Christmas releases.

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Christmas only comes round once a year and we all like to celebrate the occasion and give festively wrapped parcels to family, friends and neighbours, but back in July marketers around the UK will be planning their strategies for what is the biggest shopping time of the year.

This is the time of year when a brand’s PR team showcase products from it’s Christmas collection to media and getting it right early on can make the difference between a tangerine or the latest high tech gadget. Most retailers will hold a Christmas in July event and supermarkets and major retailers hold some of the biggest.

It’s really all about the companies behind the products ensuring that they get their advertising campaigns launched so that the general public can make an informed choice when it comes to Christmas shopping.

As the Christmas ‘shopping craze’ seems to start earlier and earlier every year, with August often the most popular time to start, it can be a hectic time for companies as they try to share their festive ideas and information about their new products.

Hard work it may well be but who wouldn’t love to step inside a snow covered, tinsel wrapped, Christmas themed wonderland where you can even taste Christmas with your first mince pie and if you’re very lucky a glass of mulled wine.

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