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Christmas Tried and Tested centerpiece desserts

We know that a centerpiece dessert can make a true statement. So once again we’ve gone and done all the “hard” work for you as we’ve tasted this year’s top desserts from some of the UK’s leading supermarkets and stores. We were kindly sent these for our taste test.

What do we look for? Simple! a dessert which is indulgent, hold shape, has the WOW factor and of course, tastes divine.

Christmas Taste test Centrpiece Winner 2021 - Co-Op Irresistible Belgian Chocolate Orange Wreath Cake

Below are the results of our desserts taste test 2021:

ten out of ten rating

Co-Op Irresistible Belgian Chocolate Orange Wreath Cake – BUY HERE

Co-Op Chocolate Orange Wreath Cake
Image credit: Co-Op

The winner of our Christmas dessert goes to this beauty! Packed full of flavour, this chocolate bauble cake has orange throughout which balanced out the sweetness of the chocolate. The baubles are also a treat as these are rice balls which have been covered in a beautiful gold and pink shimmer, all finished off with chocolate curls. Our tasters loved this wreath cake, they said it had the perfect balance of chocolate and loved the orange throughout, and would love to have this as their Christmas centerpiece.

nine out of nine rating

Sainsburys Begian Chocolate & Salted Caramel Star – BUY HERE

Sainsburys Begian Chocolate & Salted Caramel Star
Image credit: Sainsburys

This Belgian chocolate and salted caramel star is stunning. Blended with dark and milk chocolate and a light chocolate mousse star, filled with tasty salted caramel sauce. Our tasters were very impressed with the elegent design and really enjoyed the flavours. They were impressed with the salted caramel sauce and enjoyed the chocolate biscuit base.

eight point five out of ten rating

Aldi Specially Selected Honeycomb Chocolate Cracker Cake – BUY HERE

Aldi Specially Selected Honeycomb

This gorgeous cake is a real cracker! Aldi’s showstopped is a golden Belgian chocolate cracker sponge is filled with a hidden golden honeycomb centre and has been topped with a sticky Belgian chocolate sauce with edible gold stars. Our tasters loved the design and look of the cracker cake and really enjoyed the chocolate and honeycomb but felt it was quite rich.

Seven Out Of TenCo-Op Irresistible Bells and Baubles Cake – BUY HERE

Co-Op Irresistible Bells and Baubles Cake
Image credit: Co-Op

This three-tield bauble design cake will impress your guests this Christmas. Filled with dark chocolate mousse with zesty orange throughtout. Our tasters thought the cake was very tasty and enjoyed the dark chocolate mousse and could taste the orange throughout but felt it was quite rich.

There you have it, our official taste test for this 2021’s best Christmas desserts. As always all opinions are our own. Why not let us know which Xmas dessert has been your favourite so far?