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Christmas Tried and Tested centerpiece desserts

We know that a centerpiece dessert can make a true statement. So once again we’ve gone and done all the “hard” work for you as we’ve tasted this year’s top desserts from some of the UK’s leading supermarkets and stores. We were kindly sent these for our taste test.

What do we look for? Simple! a dessert which is indulgent, hold shape, has the WOW factor and of course, tastes divine.

Winner Christmas Taste Test Dessert

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Below are the results of our desserts taste test 2020:

ten out of ten ratingTesco Finest Chocolate Orange & Maple Bauble Cake, £15

Tesco Finest Chocolate Orange & Maple Bauble Cake, £15The winner of our Christmas dessert goes to this beauty! crammed with utterly delicious layers of soft, sweet orange brownie and orange sponge. Hugely impressive to look at and even more impressive when you cut through as the hidden centre of divine gold-dusted cereal balls awaited. All decorations including the large bauble on top were edible and tasted sweet and indulgent. The maple buttercream was so good, the tasters felt they could eat a bowl of it just on its own. A small slice was simply not even an option! If you’re looking to impress this Christmas make sure this is centre of your table.

nine out of nine ratingMarks and Spencer Collection Golden Balls, £8

Our testers dived straight into this glittering tower of golden balls which when removed from the packaging still held its shape! Each of the choux pastries was light and had a sort of cloud like texture, inside was a generous helping of sweet whipped cream. The salted caramel and edible gold malt balls balanced each other very well, we thought this dessert was really rich and satisfying, you know that you have had a treat when you have eaten one, or four!

eight point five out of ten ratingSainsbury’s Taste the Difference Tiramichoux, £12
Most certainly a showstopper, Sainsbury’s Tiramichoux has brought together two amazing combinations tiramisu and profiteroles rolled into one sweet dish. We felt the choux profiteroles were soft and sweet and the tiramisu beneath had a strong coffee flavour, which some tasters said was a tad too strong. Generous size so you can give large helpings however a tad messy when served.

eight out of ten score

Tesco Wicked Kitchen Ginger Chai Cake
Tesco Wicked Kitchen Ginger Chai CakeThis delicately spiced ginger cake had a good consistency and was moist however tasters felt the ginger and chai could have been a little stronger throughout, but said the candied pieces on top certainly gave a good kick. The ginger frosting and cinnamon dusting worked very well and tasted like a real slice of Christmas, perfect for Vegans and non-vegans.
ASDA Extra Special Gin & Gingerbread Roulade  

There you have it, our official taste test for this 2020’s best Christmas desserts. As always all opinions are our own. Why not let us know which Xmas dessert has been your favourite so far?