Christmas Tried and Tested centerpiece desserts

We know that a centerpiece dessert can make a true statement. So once again we’ve gone and done all the “hard” work for you as we’ve tasted this years top desserts from some of the UK’s leading supermarkets and stores. We were kindly sent these for our taste test.

What do we look for? Simple! a dessert which is indulgent, hold shape, has the WOW factor and of course tastes divine.

Christmas Tried and Tested centerpiece desserts 2019 winner

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Below are the results of our desserts taste test 2019:

ten out of ten ratingTesco Finest Belgian Chocolate and Clementine Cake


Tesco Finest Belgian Chocolate and Clementine CakeOur favourtie centrepiece goes to this hugely impressive Belgium Chocolate and Clementine Cake which to us ticked every single box. With its outstanding look, we didn’t even want to cut a slice, is adorned with lustred chocolate decorations which gave this a copper shimmer look, every single person in the office ooh’ed and ahh’d. Holding its shape when you cut, each layer was moist and smelled and tasted like a very decadent chocolatey jaffa cake. A small slice was simply not even an option! If you’re looking to impress this Christmas make sure this is centre of your table.

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nine out of nine ratingMarks & Spencer Christmas Rainbow Cake


Marks & Spencer Christmas Rainbow Cake Hugely impressive to look at and even more impressive when you cut through, this cake certainly has the WOW factor. The hundreds and thousands around the cake looked very festive however were a little hard when munching. The buttercream, we could have ate bucket fulls of was evenly distributed through each brightly coloured sponge. Party time has just got more merry!

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eight point five out of ten ratingASDA Pip the Penguin Cake


ASDA Pip the Penguin CakeIt’s not just kids who are going to fall in love with Pip as we certainly did! Hitting top festive marks for design, we felt the icing was not overly thick to cut and the sponge was so fluffy, even Santa might give a mince pie up for a slice of this. The cake itself hedl its textured when cut and had a fruity raspberry jam which had a good flavour, however if you’ve not got a sweet tooth you may want to avoid.

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eight out of ten score

Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Milk Chocolate Yule Log


This decadent rich and indulgent, yule log had lashing of milk chocolate buttercream and was a real favourite among our taste testers. The coco sponge completely balanced out the swirls of milk chocolate which was evenly distributed inside the roulade. The white chocolate stars and sugary dusting on top made a lovely festive addition. Overall one slightly larger than normal slice was enough however we could go back in a couple of hours for another. BUY HERE Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference Milk Chocolate Yule Log

seven point five out of tenASDA Extra Special Gin & Gingerbread Roulade


ASDA GINGERBREAD ROULADEAlthough when sliced, the crunchy meringue did make a small mess, the taste truly made up for this. If you like gingerbread and toffee, fill your trolley with these. This yule log has a nice crunch when sliced and tasted spicy yet sweet, a real crowd pleaser.

BUY HERE ASDA Extra Special Gin & Gingerbread Roulade 

There you have it, our official taste test for this 2019’s best Christmas desserts. As always all opinions are our own. Why not let us know which Xmas dessert has been your favourite so far?


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