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David Walliams ‘Billionaire Boy’ on BBC at Christmas 2015

Fans of David Walliams  books will be delighted to read that the BBC have landed the rights to ‘Billionaire Boy’ and plan to show the adaptation  over the Christmas season.

Already big names have signed up to appear in the new show, including Miranda Hart and Robbie Williams, who both starred in  Gangsta Granny.

However, the Britain’s Got Talent judge doesn’t know which part he’s likely to play but says he sure he’ll pop up somewhere.

‘Billionaire Boy’ tells the story of Joe Spud who is the richest boy in the country and has everything he could ever want…except a friend. But all that is to change when he meets Bob.

Described as both hilarious and touching we know we’ll all be sitting down with the kids to watch the story unfold.

Are your children fans of David Walliams books? Get in touch below and tell us their favourite.

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