Deadly 60 Tracker Board Game

Can you track down three of the world deadliest animals to become the winner of the Deadly 60 Tracker Board Game? We were kindly sent this to review.

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      • For 2 & more players
      • Suitable for age 8+
      • Popular Cbeebies show
      • Track 3 deadly animals
      • Available from

Deadly 60 Tracker Game

Deadly 60 is a popular Cbeebies TV show featuring presenter Steve Backshall as he tracks down 60 of the world’s deadliest animals. Strap on your boots, pack your rucksack and your ready to join the Deadly 60 crew as you try to track down your deadly animals.

Not all the animals are easy to track – some are tougher to find than others!

Set up your game board – each player must then choose their coloured skull playing piece, then take a card from the top of the Deady 60 Animal deck this is the first animal they must track. The game is now ready to begin.

Race your opponents round the Imagination Games, Deadly 60 board as you collect items you will need to track down your animal, taking risks to be first to track down all three of the world’s deadliest animals.

Will you be the next Steve Backshall? Can you be first to track down deadly animals?

Deadly 60 is a very popular show on CBBC and stars presenter Steve Backshall and his crew as they travel the world in search of 60 deadly and often critically endangered animals.

Suitable for deadly 60 fans who are age 8 and over the game requires a minimum of 2 and maximum of 6 players. Will you be first to gather all the equipment necessary and move into the centre of the board ready for a time challenge?

Are you going to be first to collect 3 deadly animals and become the winner of the game?

With loads of different animals to track, each Deadly 60 Tracker Game will be different and always loads of fun.

Inside the Deadly 60 Box you will find:

      • 6 coloured skulls with stands
      • 1 timer
      • 2 packs of playing cards
      • 1 Dice
      • Playing Instructions

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