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Disney Hedbanz – The Question Board Game of What Am I? SpinMaster

Can I bounce across the room, do I have a hook as a hand? oh wait am I big. blue and a monster? We were kindly sent this to review. These were just some of the fun questions we asked as we play the game where Everyone knows who you are…but you, Disney Hedbanz features:

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    • 72 Cards
    • 24 Blue Mickey Mouse Chips
    • 6 Fun Hedbands and Ears
    • 1 Time
    • Rules
    • Suitable for age 7 and older
    • 2-6 Players
    • available from Amazon UK

Disney Hedbanz Board Game by SpinMaster

What happens when you put a bunch of adults together (never mind the kids) place headbands, ears and Disney character’s on their heads and let them guess who or what am I? Utter embarrassment as we know each and every character from the movies better than the kids!

New from SpinMaster, Disney Hedbanz is the ultimate board game to keep you, the family and friends entertained all day long. UnderTheChristmasTree team decided to give it a go – cue hysterical laughter as holly is Captain Hook and Mandy is Monster from Monster’s Inc (there’s an uncanny resemblance their…only joking!)

Before placing the mickey mouse shaped headband on our head’s which don’t hurt and are not to tight we shuffled the seventy two cards which feature some of your most beloved Disney Characters such as Ariel, Sulley, Tiger, Woody and Tinkerbell, we all took one face down and placed it into our slots on our headband – without looking at the card of course and then each of us took 3 Mickey Mouse Chips.

Already I couldn’t help but start to laugh at the characters each of the team got! The aim of the game is to be the first player to lose all of their chips, with only being able to get “yes”, “no”, “could be”, or “I don’t know” answers within the 90 second timer, now you would think 90 seconds, that’s a lot but it isn’t trust me when you are trying to think fast on your feet this can be pretty difficult.

Question’s asked on our game were, Am I a girl?, Can I fly? or do I rule a kingdom? but you can also ask the questions which are suggested on the back of the printed cards. If you guess correctly you can lose 1 of you mickey chips, but if you don’t guess right you get another chip added to you pile – this only happened once to me.

Each card has two different answers, for example you can play by character name or what type of character he/she is so if you were Cheshire Cat you would be correct if you said Cat or the name of the character.  Disney Hedbanz game does not require any batteries and is very easy to set up, kids can do this on their own or with adults around.

Suitable for ages seven and older SpinMaster really has created a fun, exciting and educational board game in which the whole family can be part of.  This is going to be a must have top toys for Christmas 2013.

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