Food That Travels Well For A Picnic

Family PicnicNothing beats heading out for a family picnic on a warm summery day or going away for an afternoon via train, however all things seem to go down hill when you open your picnic and realise the food has either gone soggy, smelly and warm!

Packing the right foods with the correct packaging can make all the difference for your day out.  There’s no need to pay for expensive restaurants or lunches the kids will only half of then leave so they can play outside.

All you need is a cooler, the right foods and the perfect place to park up and have a picnic.

We have put together a list of travel-ready foods and ideas which will give your a wallet a rest and your tummy’s something to feel good about below:

1) Invest in a proper picnic basket, ensure that if there are not coolers stored inside to buy cooler packs which cost around £4 however if yu buy a cool box as your picnic basket you do not need these.  The coolers help to keep the food from warming up and going soft and smelly.

2) Buy some sealed plastic boxes to store the food inside.

Family Picnic Ideas

Picking the right foods which travel well:

1) Nothing says picnic more than a whole host of different sandwiches to tuck into however finding the right type and size of sandwich which not only travels well but you can eat without causing a huge mess can be tricky.

Here are some of our ideas:

  • Finger Sandwiches: Cheese savoury, egg and even a plain chicken salad allCheese Egg Sandwich travel well and if you make them finger size they wont go all over you or the car!
  • Plain Roll: Take your choice of filing such as Bananas or crisps.
  • Go for a boxed salad/pasta:  Make this up the night before and give everyone their own box with fork which they can throw straight in the bin once finished. Salad will keep fresh with the cool packs

2) Snacks are a must have for any family on a day away, but instead of taking the pack of biscuits which without a doubt are going to be melted to the wrapper before you even get teared into them why not think of a boxed fruit salad or muffins.

Here are a few suggestions for snacks below:

  • Home-Made: shortbread/ oaty’s and even some crackers with cheese
  • Scones:  Whether you make fruit, cheese or even plain scones will stay fresh all day long.
  • Potatoes Salad/Coleslaw:  This can be tricky as you don’t want it all over the car/train and it wont taste very nice if it does go warm.  Make the night before and store with some extra cool packs around in a tightly sealed tub.jamscones
  • Bread-sticks:  The most easy food which will travel and taste delicious.
  • Hard Boiled Eggs: A  childhood favourite, cook these the night before and leave to cool. Place in bag and place anywhere in your basket.
  • Quiche
  • Savoury snack mix which has pretzels, nuts and even some raisin’s travel well and can be kept in a small bag. Whatever doesn’t get eaten you can store away again or put out to feed the birds.

3) Drinks, buying everyone their own thermal cup or juice cup for kids can save you money.  Fill up with diluted juice from home and take with you – just make sure the lid is on tightly.  If mum and dad want tea or coffee make up in the thermal cups or fill with hot water and make up when you arrive however take dried powder milk as milk can turn sour very easily.

Traveling can be less stressful if everyone has a full stomach and these are just a few of our tips to getting the right food for your day away. Head on over to Tesco and get your picnic food ready: Tesco Groceries

What do you take when packing a picnic?  What sort of foods do you feel travel better?  Share with others using our fast and easy comments box below.

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