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Gift Idea: Set Your Music Free This Christmas With D-Link Device

Small, easy to set up, lets you stream music from any smart device or computer straight to any connected speaker plus it’s not to pricey either, are just a few of the reasons why D-link should be on your Christmas list.

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without cheesy music blaring throughout your home, well not in ours anyway! however setting up a CD or flicking through music channels is about as fun as indulging on brussel sprouts! this is where D-Link Music Everywhere comes into its own.

Plugging into any mains outlet, it uses its Wi-Fi connection and audio jack to stream music from your smartphone or device to your hi-fi or portable speaker. With three different ways to set up including WPS, Music Everywhere’s own default signal and D-Link app called QRS, we found the WPS method was the easier (and quickest, it only took around two minutes) simply press the WPS button on the device and also on your router – wah-lah your done!

Small and compact the white cuboid looks like a small UK plug and comes with a 3.5mm audio cable, not very long however it didn’t need to be for us. With support for both DLNA and AirPlay, breathing new life into our old speakers worked a treat and before we knew it we were listening to Slade from our old speakers.

One of the main advantages we felt was you could control your music from your smart device from anywhere in the home – John, who went to make coffee was greeted with IT’S CHRISTMAS! roaring through the speakers as Elaine choose the playlist for the day.

Doubling up as a Wi-Fi Range Extender (which worked well for us) we’re getting the office ready for our next playlist party! A great gadget for Christmas and would make the perfect gift for any music lover.

Gift Idea:  A thoughtful gift for grandparents who are looking to turn old speakers and systems into the new Wi-Fi generations without having to spend a fortune or take too much time to set up.

Priced at an RRP of £54.99 (however around £36 from AMAZON UK) you can see more information at: mydlink™ Home Music Everywhere website.

Have you got an old Hi-Fi that needs a new lease of life? and what Christmas songs would you put on? Share your comments and thoughts below.

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