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Christmas Gift Review 2023: Montragon HELLY TECH® Waterproof Hiking Boots

Explore a winter wonderland with confidence! Read our review of Hally Hanson’s Montragon Helly Tech Waterproof hiking boots for slip-free adventures.

Helly Hanson Montragon HELLY TECH® Waterproof Hiking Boots

Winter is coming and there’s something magical about looking out of your window to a crisp, fresh and frosty morning BUT asking us to go out in it, well that’s a different story.

Slipping, sliding, falling, and doing the ultimate I’m not going to fall dance (that leaves most of us secretly chuckling) is what springs to mind and you’ll do anything to avoid going out.

However, with the right footwear, you should be able to go on a winter walking adventure like no other. This is why when it comes to a decent pair of hiking boots, we choose Helly Hansen’s HT (high-tech) Waterproof Hiking Boots, below are our thoughts.

Montragon HELLY TECH® Waterproof Hiking Boots

Let’s begin with the ins and outs, these boots are built to withstand the toughest challenges Mother Nature can throw at them when it comes to hiking, part of the Verglas collection which is renowned for its clever fusion of technical materials with versatile and enduring design solutions, are made from partially recycled materials and feature HH Quick Dry and HH Seam-Shield technologies, ensuring your feet stay dry and comfortable no matter the weather, perfect for the storms which are already beginning!

Moving onto comfort, sometimes when you see and even wear these types of boots, not only do they feel bulky, uncomfortable and a tad too heavy, HH Montragon boots are anything but. They actually when on are extremely comfy! to the point, that our feet felt like they were in a pair of soft trainers that’s how light and soft they felt.

Helly Hansen Montragon HELLY TECH® Waterproof Hiking Boots

What really impressed us was the top of the walking boot it didn’t rub or have an uncomfortable pressure at the top of your ankle and leg. The Max-Grip rubber compound and Surround Grip lugs gave a very confident walk as you really don’t feel as though you are going to slip.

In terms of design, we bet you won’t have one person who doesn’t compliment your HH Hiking Boots when you don a pair this Winter, they really are stylish. With their black and Mellow grey colouring throughout, you can wear these with any outfit.

Montragon HELLY TECH® Waterproof Hiking Boots - Helly Hansen

So before you head off on your next trekking adventure make sure to invest in a pair of Montragon HELLY TECH® Waterproof Hiking Boots with their rugged durability, they’re your ticket to conquering snow-covered mountains, braving icy rain showers, and confidently navigating those slippy garden paths turned treacherous by winter’s whims.

The ultimate Christmas gift for those who love adventures and heading outdoors, you can pick up a pair of these women’s HELLY TECH® Waterproof Hiking Boots for £200, here at the official Helly Hanson website.

BUY HERE Helly Hansen’s Montragon HT Waterproof Hiking Boots, £200