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Halloween survival tips

Do you, like UndertheChristmasTree love Halloween and all of its tricks and treats? or do you hate the dark and mysterious holiday? either way if you have kids or are holding Halloween this year you will need some surviving tips.

Most parents will know just how excited children can get when Halloween comes around, (not half as much as Christmas) but this can become a Halloween nightmare for some. Below are some spine tingling tips to help you survive this ghoulish time.

Let your little terrors try on their outfit every day on the run up to Halloween this will help cut down the amount of times you see your kid run around the house covered in paint shouting “what about this”.

Give them a task to do before Halloween keeping them busy, whether it be writing jokes or doing a party trick so they can get treats when they go trick or treating.

Team up with a group to go out trick or treating with! Though you are helping yourself you are also helping other parents out by going in a group, meaning you can all keep an eye on those little devils.

Before heading out make some ground rules, for example, You need to stay close to ensure no zombies get you so don’t go running off and how many sweets they can have in the night.

Keep a torch handy, as the nights are getting darker torches are handy to illuminate the way plus try and go to houses which are lit up.

If you are holding Halloween and don’t want your home being turned into what looks like a sweetie graveyard put a small bin outside with a ‘put your wrappers in here and feed the evil ghoul who lurks inside’ sign, children will love this so they will put their rubbish inside!

Running low on sweets? or has a few naughty little devil’s came back twice (in different masks) to sink their fangs into more of your treats? if so give out some fruit we are pretty sure parents wouldn’t mind.

If all else fails turn off the lights, shut the curtains and hide under your bed until ‘All Hallows’ Eve has been and gone.

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