Hamleys Reveals It’s Christmas 2014 Top 10 Toys

Hamleys have predicted this years top ten toys for children. From a hi-tech doll who can answer your questions to the LeapFrog LeapTV which can capture movement and help with education, it looks as though kids and parents are going to get themselves into a techno-tizz this Christmas.

It’s that time of the year again when UK retailers start to announce what toys they predict will fly off the shelves this Xmas. Hamleys toy shop have once again struck first and announced it’s top toys list which include:

Hamleys Top Ten Toys Christmas 2014

  • Doh Vinci Style and Store Vanity – (£25)
  • My Friend Cayla (£75)
  • Barbie Colour Change Bag – (£40)
  • Teksta T-Rex – by Character Options (£75)
  • Leapfrog LeapTV – by LeapFrog (£135)
  • Transformers Chomp and Stomp Grimlock (£115)
  • BoomCo Rapd Madness blaster – (65)
  • Ice Skating Anna & Ice Skating Elsa dolls – (£40)
  • Kidizoom Smart Watch – by VTech (£50)
  • Flair’s interactive monster Xeno (£100)

This 2014 must have toys are more high-tech than ever which will leave even the best of us scratching our head and hunting for the instructions…again!

Topping Santa list’s this year is the £75 My Friend Cayla doll by Vivid. The 1st ever interactive Doll is synced with Android and iOS devices, Cayla can answer questions ranging from her likes and dislikes to general knowledge however parents can breath a sigh of relif knowing Google’s Safesearch technology will ensure no bad words or unsuitable content is alowed.

My Friend Cayla 1st Interactive Doll

Moving on from interactive dolls to the £25 Doh Vinci Style and Store Vanity which will let your child become a 3D designer, also high on Hamley’s list is the £50 Kidizoom Smart Watch which allows childrens imaginations run wild as they take phoyos, videos and more.

Following this, is the new Teksta T-Rex from Character Options which will cost £75. Packed full of fun features, Tesksta T-Rex will have new dinosaur movements and sounds but will also incorporate those from the popular Teksta puppies from last year.

 Teksta T-Rex Dinosaur

As you would  expect, LeapFrog have leaped right to the top of the line with it’s new LeapFrog LeapTV educational and video gaming system, however you may have to dig deep as this is set to cost £135. Due for release in October and is suitable for children aged three to eight.

Of course, Christmas wouldn’t be complete without some new toys based on this years “hottest” film – Disney’s Frozen. Hamleys felt the new collection of Frozen: Ice Skating Dolls will be a big hit this year, featuring Elsa and Ana in ice skating form and retailing at £40 each, we can already sense this is going to be huge!

Also featuring in Hamleys must have toys is a 20 inch robot which has amighty sword and can change into a dinosaur to take on its enemies called Transformers Chomp and Stomp Grimlock. Boom Co Rapid Madness at £65 can fire 20 darts up to 50ft in seconds and even Barbie has had an  electronic makeover with her £40 Colour Change Bag which with colour changing technology can match over 100 different shades.

One of our favourites has to be Flair’s interactive monster Xeno, now it does look “different” – we think cute but this little buddy can interact with you and other XENO friends using the dedicated app. With big dooey green LCD eyes, eight touch sensors and inputs this little guy will put a smile on most kids face – snots and all!

XENO flair toy christmas 2014

Hamleys said: “This Christmas, toys will become truly 21st century and for the first time positively reflect the amazing world we live in”

However even though there are many technology toys in the list, Hamleys have not forgotten that traditional games are still hugely popular too, they said: “Traditional toys are still a very big deal for Hamleys to recognise traditional and nostalgic play,” and have also unveiled what collection of wooden and classic toys for Christmas will be popular, this included:
hamleys wooden toys 2014

  • Fisher-Price My First Thomas and Friends Motion Control Thomas
  • Personalised Necklaces
  • Hamleys’ own Traditional wooden range
  • Palace Pets plush
  • Turtles action figures

What do you think of Hamleys top toys for Christmas 2014 list? Let us know your thoughts by commenting below.

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