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Have Eastenders Just Revealed Three Potential Christmas Storylines?

Eastenders Christmas storylines are always kept under wraps but over recent episodes we’ve had a sneaky suspision what the storylines might be…

Max Branning Portrait

Max’s Revenge Plot Revealed – We’ve all seen Max Branning plotting against all those who betrayed him over the Lucy Beale murder. He has done some evil things such as getting Shirley and Linda to sell the Freehold on the Vic without Mick’s knowlege, plotting with Charlie Cotton over baby Matthew and even lied that he believed Steven was ill to his own daughter Lauren. What else does Max have in store? We have a sneaky suspision that all will be revealed about his scheming at Christmas time.

Robbie Jackson Portrait

The Market – Mr Lister told Robbie Jackson that things must change on the market by Christmas, however Robbie was unsure about how to go about telling the traders things we’re going to change.   Will he be able to save the market so the traders have a merry Christmas? or will it be the end of the road for the iconic street market?

Steven Beale Portrait

Steven Beales Lie – Steven Beale has lied to Lauren about being seriously ill to stop her leaving him and has even got her sister, Abi, in on the lie too. With both plotting to bring Lauren down and ruin her life, will anyone find out the truth or will this be a very miserable Christmas for the Brannings and the Beales?

Either way we can’t wait to see what Eastenders has in store over the festive period.

What do you think will be this year’s Eastenders Christmas storylines? Comment below and let us know or share on social media.

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