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Wave Goodbye To Pesky Pine Needles Thanks To Vax Cordless Blade 24V

As much as we adore Christmas and all things related, one thing we struggle to deal with are pine needles, which is why when we were asked to review the Vax Cordless Blade 24v, all of our dreams of finding a pine needle solution had been answered! We were kindly sent this to review.

Vax Blade 24V Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

We all know that over Christmas time, the bain of our lives are the dreaded pine needles from the Christmas Tree. It’s not always ideal to get the hoover out, plug it in and all of the other palava. Now though, you can simply pick up the lightweight Vax Cordless Blade 24V and get rid of the pine needles without having to plug it in.

Vax Blade 24V Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Vax Cordless Blade 24v claims to be as powerful as a corded vacuum and has a 35 minute run time on any one charge. The idea is that you fix it’s ‘holder’ to your wall which is where you will plug it in to charge. Once charged, you can take it out of it’s holder and use it cordlessly for up to 35 minutes of continuous use.

The vacuum itself is very lightweight and easy to use. It’s roller head means that it’s easy to rotate and manoeuvre in hard to reach areas.

Vax Blade 24V Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

The Vax Cordless Blade 24V comes with a few detachable heads to make cleaning walls and corners much easier.  The hoover also has a ‘boost’ mode for times where you need a little extra suction – although this will impact the usage time without the need to recharge.

Vax Blade 24V Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Under The Christmas Tree

We sent John off to try this out.

“The first thing I noticed about this, was how slimline the packaging is. Normally a vacuum cleaner would have a large box but this is slim and easy to unbox. Upon unboxing, I saw a few different parts to the hoover which basically just clipped into place which made it quite straight forward to set up.  The charging dock needs to be fixed to a wall which has a plug socket. The vacuum doesn’t stand upright on it’s own, so in order to sit this down, you’ll need the docking station.

Vax Blade 24V Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Attachments

I decided to shake some Christmas tree pine needles on the floor to really put this to the test. Surprisingly, this has a lot of suction and I would say it does perform equally as well as my corded vacuum cleaner. All of the pine needles gathered in the filter which was really easy to empty. The attachments were also easy to put on which meant it would easily stretch underneath a Christmas Tree to get rid of those pesky pine needles (and the copious amounts of Quality Street papers that get ‘hidden’ under there!”

So, it seems John is sold, are you?

For more information and to buy, visit vax.co.uk

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We were kindly sent this vacuum cleaner by Vax, however all opinions and comments are our own.

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