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Here’s what to feed Robins in Wintertime

Mr Robin Redbreast is one of our garden’s best friends but as the weather hits freezing what can we feed them? Here we put together an easy cost-effective list.

Robin in wintertime

Robins are one of the cheekiest but cheeriest birds to scoot around our gardens. With their big red breast, fluffy coat and singing voice they bring joy to our outdoors.

But with the weather being so cold, no berries left on the bushes and insects being smart not to come out of the ground what on earth can our little friend eat?

Well, Robins tend to eat a whole host of foods including worms, seeds, nuts and even fruit.

A Robin at winter

Here’s how to make sure you’re Mr Robin Redbreast is getting fed the right food.

Fruit – this can include blueberries, cherries, grapes, apple slices, raisins and raspberries, so make sure to check your fruit bowl for any that may be starting to turn and give them to the little red robin.

Seeds – Although Robins don’t generally eat seeds they will go for rich protein seeds including Pinhead Oatmeal, Split Maize, Peanut Granules, Red Millet Seed, Sunflower Seed, Sunflower Hearts and Currants.

Mealworms are one of these little guys’ favourite dishes!

Suet is a high-energy food which is easy to digest and provides a nutritious meal at any time of year.


Our little red-breasted friend will have a full belly this Winter.

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