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John Lewis 2023 Christmas Advert Prediction

It’s that time of the year again when our “mince-spies” eyes cast an in-depth look at the clues & hints of what we think will be John Lewis 2023 Christmas advert.

And yes we haven’t guessed correctly so far!…

John Lewis Christmas Advert Prediction

We all know the high-street shop’s advert has become a staple of the Christmas calendar. Although details are being kept firmly under wraps, we can’t help but share our prediction on what this year’s ad will be, so we’ve rounded up all the clues we have found and although we’ve been wrong every year, is our luck about to change? We want to think so.

As you already know, UnderTheChristmasTree loves predicting the John Lewis & Partners Christmas advert to get you into the pre, pre, PRE Christmas mood and this year, we spotted one or two hints and clues.

Let’s start with exactly what we know, themes: Polar Planet, Rainbow Time Capsule, Christmas Cottage, Royal Fairytale, Winter Fairytale and Beyond Christmas. are John Lewis’s new festive collections which have all been inspired by Christmases past, present and future.

John Lewis Christmas Cottage Unlit Copper 7ft Tree, £229
Image credit: John Lewis


Could this be a nod to a traditional meets new unexpected traditions Christmas advert?

Baubles and Decorations, like last year when you could buy the Christmas jumper worn in the ad we’ve scoured its online Christmas shop to see if any potentials stand out. So far we’ve noted that a lot of coloured and fun baubles are around.

John Lewis Christmas Rainbow Time Capsule Letter Bauble


Music – So far Lewis Capaldi, Britney Spears and our favourite which we feel definitely would be perfect – The Beatles Now and Then!

Here goes, from start, to finish we predict this year’s ad will all be about how your Christmas traditions have grown over the years.

The advert (The Beatles Now & Then will play in the background) will follow a family through the years and how their Christmas traditions have changed but for the better. It’ll begin with an old-fashioned Christmas, we’ll see families gathering around a green real tree donning it with paper decorations giving a nod to John Lewis’s trend – Christmas Cottage.

Moving through the years the same family which has grown will add to their normal traditions and will be seen visiting a Christmas market and donning matching family Christmas jumpers.

As the advert moves forward all the traditional moments we have will still be there such as putting the wreath on the door, opening up advent calendars together and hosting parties but new traditions will also be encountered like putting up more than one tree with one being coloured! tablescaping instead of the same boring set-up and the dinner table including more than just turkey!

The advert will end with a table full of family & friends all enjoying the big day itself with the closing scene stating: Let your family Christmas traditions grow.

But as we’ve said before we’re pretty sure we’ll be wrong with this prediction too!