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How Do You Encourage Your Young Writer?

Today in the USA is National Encourage a Young Writer Day which makes us ask how do UK parents encourage their young writers?

Most children have a vivid imagination, we see that everyday in the stories and voices they make up when playing with their toys but getting them to channel that into writing is no easy task.

Many consider writing a story as something that has to be done as homework for school and therefore not something they choose to do voluntarily.

How would you know if you have a great young writer in your family? A good rule of thumb, is a child who has a vivid imagination, loves reading books and who likes to tell stories.

If you recognize this in your child, today could be a good day to talk to them about their stories and dreams and encourage them to write a story – just for the family.

When, and if, they follow through with this idea, make a big deal of reading it out when the family are all together, praising him/her for the content of their story and encouraging more of the same.

Many famous writers started at a very young age, who could forget the Diaries of Anne Frank which she started writing at age 13 and Stephen King who started writing at the tender age of 7.

Do you have a budding Stephen King in your family?  Get in touch and let us know how you encourage your child to write stories.

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