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How To Encourage Your Children To Read

Learning to read is challenging for every child, but there are ways you can encourage your children to read.

Many children have a natural desire to read, whereas others may need a little push in the right direction, which is why we’ve put together these simple steps to help encourage your children to read.

1 – From the day your children are born, they will enjoy having a bedtime story read to them. Although your children may not understand much in the early stages, they will enjoy being with you and will develop that natural desire to read quicker.

2 – As your children grow, be sure to read to them at bedtime, taking time to explain the meaning of words they may not understand.

3 – Play a game! Let’s face it, children love to play games, so turn reading into a game. For example, challenge your children to read all the road signs on your next car journey.

4 – Take turns to read at bedtime. If you read one chapter, ask your child to read a chapter back to you.

5 – Read together! both share the book and get your child to read at the same time as you, that way he or she will hear how to pronounce certain words as they read, and won’t feel bad if they cannot say a word.

6 – Make sure you pick up on your child’s interests and read about their favourite topic!

7 – Have fun. If your child feels like he/she is being pressured into reading, it is likely they will not want to. Instead, make reading fun and lighthearted and that way, your child will look forward to reading, rather than seeing it as a chore.

So, that’s our handy tips for encouraging your children to read. What works best for you? Comment using our comments box below:

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