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How to Clean Your Cutlery for Christmas

Looking to get your cutlery sparking for Christmas Day dinner? Then now is a good time to start removing any stubborn marks or stains. Here’s some handy tips to get the cutlery all spruced up for Christmas.

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Image credit: Silberfuchs via Pixabay

Fortunately most of us use stainless steel cutlery which doesn’t rust or stain and is easy to clean.  However, given time and daily use, cutlery can lose its shine and start to look dirty and tarnished, not something you’ll want at your Christmas Day table.

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Using your dishwasher for cleaning stainless steel cutlery could take several wash cycles before it becomes completely clean, it’s much quicker and easier to dry your cutlery by hand and we think it gives better results.  Should you notice streaks or blemishes on your cutlery simply add a few drops of olive oil or similar to your dishcloth, finally buff it off with a soft cloth.

Image credit: congerdesign via Pixabay

Should your stainless steel cutlery start to look dull, we  find that soaking them in a bowl containing water and a small amount of bleach should make them shine again.  Wash to remove any left over bleach smells and dry to a shining finish that will impress family and friends who arrive for Christmas lunch.

So there you have a few tips that should have your cutlery in pristine condition in time for Santa Claus appearing!

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