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How to clean your oven over Christmas

How to clean an oven after Christmas – it can seem an impossible task after using it so much over the festive period, but fear not as we have some helpful hints and tips to get your oven all spruced up.

Food cooking in oven
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Make sure the oven is cold & remove trays

Christmas Cooker Slider
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By taking out all of your oven racks, you will get the space you need to give your oven a good old clean. Put the racks into the rack & grill soaking tray and use a cleaning gel such as Oven Mate Just For Racks Cleaning Kit. Simply put on the gloves and follow the included instructions, leaving them to soak while you clean the rest of the oven. Before you know it the oven racks will be looking brand new.

The inside of the oven

Christmas Cooker
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Now this is where it can get really messy. Over Christmas, the oven is full of roasting veg, cooking turkeys and nut roasts. Grease and dirt can easily build up and become a nightmare to remove. Use a specialised over cleaner, such as Oven Pride to clean your own. Follow the instructions carefully and before you know it your oven will be in tip-top shape.

The oven door

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We’ve all been there, your oven starts off nice and clean, and you can even see the food through the glass door but over time brown grease clogs up the door. Miracle cleaner, The Pink Stuff can be used on oven glass but do be warned some users have had their oven glass shatter after use so do use it at your own risk.

Many people have had huge success with this on the door, simply place it onto the glass, leave for a few minutes, and gently wipe the doors down, making sure you rinse away properly so no product is left behind.

How to keep the oven clean

Clean Cooker
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You’ve done all of this hard work bringing your cooker back up to pristine condition but how do you keep the oven clean? First, head on over to Lakeland and get their Magic Oven Liners.

Put these at the bottom of your oven to catch all spills and bubbled-over food, who hasn’t had cheese on toast over bubble before? Any burnt food will slide off with ease meaning you won’t have to scrub the bottom of the oven every time.

Roasted Vegetables
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Use roasting bags. These little genius bags are the ideal way to cook your vegetables without getting your trays filthy. Not only will they cook your food perfectly but these can be thrown away, so no need for any washing up.

Take care of your surfaces

Image of electric hobs
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For electric hobs use a specially made hob cleaning scraper as this won’t damage the surface and will help to shift burnt on spills easier than scrubbing with a non-abrasive cloth. If you can, invest in an induction hob whereby the surface doesn’t get too hot, meaning spills won’t burn on as they do with ceramic. This is a handy tip from Lindsay Molyneux, a cooking appliance expert at AO.com.

These are just a few tips to help you get your oven clean after Christmas. However, it’s not just ovens that need a good cleaning, so why not give your tree skirt a clean and ready for the following year.