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Christmas Gift Review 2023: BEAUTYPRO Photon LED Mask

Get ready to kickstart your anti-ageing routine this Christmas with BEAUTYPRO 5-in1 LED Light Technology Anti-Agening Device, here’s what we thought…

BEAUTYPRO Photon LED Mask image

The winter months are upon us which means, cold and wet weather and of course Christmas parties galore BUT it also means our skin can be left feeling dull, old and clogged, which is not something anyone wants.

During the Christmas rush, when time is not on your side and you know that there are still gifts to purchase and wrap before the festive celebration, the last thing on your mind is probably indulging in an extensive skincare regime.

This is precisely why we’ve chosen to showcase the BEAUTYPRO Photon LED Mask for our review. Here’s what Katy thoughts:


Firstly let’s begin with the fine details, BEAUTYPRO’s Photon LED Mask is a non-invasive LED face mask with five different colour settings.

Red LED Light – Anti-Ageing

Blue LED Light – Targets Acne

Yellow LED Light – Brightening

Near Infrared LED – Pore Refinement

Purple LED Light – Anti-Ageing/Acne

A total of 432 LED lights work together to provide a multitude of brightening, clarifying, and soothing advantages. You’ll also receive a storage/travel bag so you can use it wherever you are in the world, and the fact it’s so lightweight and takes up very little room – there’s no excuse not to.

Getting started is a breeze, you’ll need to charge the handheld controller before first use with the USB provided (takes around 2 and a half hours, attach the straps to the side of the mask and insert the eye shields. Just FYI the velcro straps are underneath the box, took us around 10 minutes to find them!

BEAUTYPRO Photon LED Mask - Box

Insert the rubber eye shields and you are just about ready to go. Before putting on the mask the brand suggests to cleanse your skin and dry with a towel.

Using the sleek grey remote, hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn on and using the same button choose between modes. Once you’ve selected the mode use the M button to select the duration, and choose between three different treatment times (10, 20 and 30 minutes).

BEAUTYPRO Photon LED Mask - Remote

I went for yellow as my skin has been through the wringer lately with a few events I’ve attended, selecting the mode (btw the lights are bright!) and starting with just 10 minutes the mask felt very comfortable, no heavy in fact I’ve got this on right now as I type.

BEAUTYPRO Photon LED Mask - Yellow Light

After the 10-minute session, my skin felt soft and looked definitely brighter, obviosuly I’m going to need a few more sessions before I see a huge difference but I can safely say I loved this device and can’t wait to try out all the other colours.

BEAUTYPRO Photon LED Mask - LED Light Options

Overall if you are looking for an at-home beauty salon-worthy tool this ticks every box! Lightweight, easy to use, works a dream and leaves your skin glowing.

The ultimate Christmas gift for any beauty lover, you can buy the BEAUTYPRO Photon LED Mask for £195 at https://www.beautypro.com