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How to clean tree skirts after Christmas

How to clean tree skirts after Christmas can be pretty tricky. These get dust, dirt and spills on them but they are so delicate, you don’t want to ruin them. Take a look at our top advice to get these in tip top condition for next Christmas.

Christmas Tree Skirts
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1. Do not scrub any stain

Christmas Beads
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Tree skirts usually have delicate material or are adorned with beads, sequins or patterns and these are easily damaged. So don’t scrub any stain as this can easily damage the skirt.

2. Get a cool spray

Spray Bottles
Image credit: Mimzy via Pixabay

If you do get a mark or stain get some cool water in a spray bottle and saturate the stain. Gently blot with a clean white cloth to get the worst off.

3. Be gentle with any dust

Image credit: Hans via Pixabay

If you have dust on the skirt from being on the floor or have pine needles over it, take a very fine brush and gently brush these off.

4. Stay away from the washing machine

Washine Machine
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Do not put these in the washing machine! As mentioned, these are very delicate and any washing machine could potentially damage any decor and the fabric on the tree skirt.

5. If your unsure, head to the dry cleaners

Laundry Dry Cleaners
Image credit: PublicDomainPictures via Pixabay

If your really not comfortable washing this yourself then head to your local dry cleaners. They are professionals and are used to washing delicate items such as tree skirts and will know exactly how to get the skirt all spruced up for Christmas.

Tree skirts can last years if they are looked after, these are just a few tips to help care for your Christmas tree skirt.

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