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How To Make Raging Rudolph Halloween Costume

Halloween is coming, it’s less than a week away and we know there are people all across the globe looking for last minute affordable Halloween costumes. 

As we’re a Christmas website, we thought we would combine Christmas with Halloween and do a feature on a DIY Raging Rudolph Halloween Costume.

So what exactly is a raging Rudolph? Well we are improvising slightly, and have decided that a raging Rudolph is a reindeer… on the edge.  This costume is suitable for men, women, boys and girls.

Rudolph is angry because he has been woken from his long sleep before Christmas Eve.  Rudolph doesn’t take kindly to being woken up early and is ‘raging’ at having to be out over Halloween.

So let’s get started!

What you’ll need:

  • Face Paint
  • Brown boiler/sweat suit
  • Brown & White felt
  • Fabric glue/super glue
  • String of Christmas bells
  • Antlers
  • Scissors
  • Hair pins
  • Black shoes

The majority of these things can be found at supermarkets or in Poundland, and the outfit should be inexpensive to put together. The boiler suit or sweat suit can probably be found locally or even online and should cost less than £10.

1: Begin by cutting two, relatively large, ear shapes into the brown felt, and a smaller ear shape out of the white felt.

2: Glue the white felt into the center of each brown ear

3: Apply a thin strip of glue onto the back of the ears and place the hair grip on top – allow these to dry before applying them.

4: Place the antlers on your head, put on the boiler suit and the shoes.

5: Wrap the string of bells very loosely round your neck.

Now let’s move onto face painting:

Paint your face a light brown like Rudolph. Once this is complete draw a big red circle on your nose. Don’t be afraid to go onto the cheeks – the bigger the better!

Once this is complete, you can draw on some angry eyebrows. Use black face paint for this and make them as bold as possible, we really want to emphasize how ‘raging’ Rudolph is. Try drawing them at an angle towards your nose.

Here comes the fun part – draw a big white circle around your mouth and fill it in.  Once dry, draw a black outline round it. You can then start drawing in some teeth using the black face paint to make them look like ‘buck teeth’.

If you want to add in an extra scary element you could always get some fake blood and put some dripping from the ‘teeth’ onto your chin to make your raging Rudolph costume look extra frightful.

After this step is complete, you’re good to go to your Halloween celebrations as a raging Rudolph!

What will you be dressing up as this Halloween? Comment below and let us know.

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