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How to Prepare Your Christmas Celebrations in Advance

Christmas comes but once a year, and each year can seem more frenetic than the last! No matter how early you start your preparations, it is somehow never quite early enough; there is always one or five extra things to juggle as the big day approaches.

Image of Christmas blue decorations
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But this year will be different, won’t it? You’re on it like a car bonnet, and pulling out all the stops to make this Christmas as smooth and worry-free as possible. But what exactly can you do in service of your stress-free Christmas dreams?

Lists, Lists, Lists

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To begin with, you should get the measure of your Christmas plans, so you know exactly where to place your energy. Are you hosting? And if so, how many people? Will anyone be staying overnight? The more you can nail down, the better for your planning!

This planning should naturally include shopping lists, both for gifts and for your Christmas dinner ingredient needs. The sooner you form the list, the sooner you can understand exactly what you need from your Christmas shopping spree – and the less likely you are to encounter empty shelves!

Advance Shopping

Christmas Shopping
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Of course, there is another angle to advance planning of this kind, that takes the rather ugly form of your Christmas budget. With prices increasing across the board, many are unfortunately looking at a rather more austere Christmas – to say nothing of the outrageous premiums that often get slapped onto key festive items like turkeys and toys.

Getting into the Christmas shopping early – ideally, before any Christmas branding appears in shops at all – means you can swerve clear of any predatory pricing and get the goods you need for cheaper. This could help you stay within budget with relative ease!


Christmas Decorations
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The next thing to tackle is your plan for Christmas decorating. While it may be a bit too soon to make space for the Christmas tree and stockings, you can still pull out your tool boxes and get cracking with some preparatory work. For example, if you’re angling to create an outdoor light display this Christmas, you can get out there now to install hooks or fittings for holding said lights. You could even install the lights themselves and leave them off until your very own switch-on ceremony!

Starting to think about Christmas decorations well before the season begins means you have bags of time to think more carefully about colour schemes, table settings and other décor concerns. Rather than rushing around with tinsel in hand on the 23rd, you can take your time and tackle little bits at a time.

Especial care should go into the decoration of your guest room if you are having family or friends over; what can you do to make them feel as festive as you?