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After Christmas indoor décor made easy and with good taste

Shifting from Christmas ornamentation to winter décor might sound like a challenging undertaking, especially if you consider the efforts you put into replacing all your earth-toned items with red and green ones.

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Suppose you’re the type of homeowner who gets a headache when they think of relocating home décor stuff and doing away with difficultly installed Christmas items. In that case, you must breathe in and remember that ruining a project is always easier than building it up. This means that the transition might even be fun and serve as an occasion to spruce up your home and bring some fresh air into it, so let’s see what tasks you need to conduct to move from the Christmas décor to the winter-best one effectively.

Try a neutral scheme colour

Colourful settings to the point where everything looks trippy are soul- and spirit-lifting, and you can very well associate such images with the Christmas décor. However, if a colour palette goes well and makes homes look prepared during the cold season, that is the neutral scheme colour. The nuances of off-white, cold white, beige, ivory, grey, tan, cream, and even black work superbly one with another and can transform even the messiest and dullest place into a clean, crisp, and cosy one. You don’t need to break the bank for this transformation, as you can create a designer-worthy natural aspect with some large pieces of décor, tablecloths, art items, reusable candles, and other items of your liking and budget.

For easier and cheaper modification, you can repurpose neutral blankets and pillows from other rooms in the key rooms. For instance, you can concentrate all the stuff in these colours in the living rooms or kitchens – the places where families and guests spend most of their time. A significant impact doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg if you go with some pops of these primary, light colours and add some offsetting blacks and greys against the bright, whitey ones.

Incorporate plants and planters

Humans have long employed the delicacy and beauty of flowers and plants to bring energy to rooms, whether it’s a Zen-like feel or a bright and environmentalist atmosphere you’re looking for. According to experts from elho who help homeowners bring life into their spaces through the gift of plants, many are relying on these décor and accompanying forms not just to brighten up a room, but also to make it look and feel friendlier, livelier, fancier, and better cared for.

Undoubtedly, you want all of these characteristics to be found in your interiors, especially since the straightforward way to do it comes at such a low price. You’ll need some of your favourite plants and flowers, some lovely and suitable planters to accommodate your green pals, and the right growing conditions depending on each of your plants’ needs. For instance, if you’re into low-maintenance greenery, you can use succulents of all shapes and forms and place them on your countertops, desks, bedsides, and other favourite places. These don’t need to be removed for Christmas or other celebrations and can survive all year round if offered a minimum of care, so you can bring these décor items home without worrying that the time flies so fast and you’ll have to place them elsewhere next Christmas season.

Probably, some of the most versatile and flexible décor additions you can bring home are plants, so take advantage of the large variety of species and recipients that exist on the market to spruce up your home with the least effort possible.

Get the red out

Transitioning to winter décor sometimes involves getting rid of the bulk of red and green spread over the house. This doesn’t mean doing away with your succulents and plants or other lively stuff in your rooms but trying to reduce the footprints of the symbolistic green and red and other Christmassy colours. You can imagine this undertaking like a reverse of the Christmas décor project, when the primary things you did were add Christmassy-toned stuff and embellish all the nooks and corners with themed items, where the colour would be just enough to have a product pass as Christmassy.

In short, replace the red and green napkins with other colours. And suppose you were witty and got silver or golden napkins, runners, tablecloths, etc.. In that case, you’ve spared yourself the trouble of transitioning these protective items from Christmas to winter, as these widespread hues work all year round. Similarly, retiring red and green décor like blankets and pillows to other rooms is wise. Evidently, you can’t do away with big-ticket stuff like rugs, but the small ones can be relocated or disposed of.

Declutter the space

Decluttering is probably already on your mind and scheduled for the first days of January when all the fuss is done. If you do not easily pick up cleaning and struggle to finish everything within a specific timeframe, this task might raise some problems. Therefore, you’ll need to first get in the right mood, ensure you’ve had an excellent nighttime sleep and saved the day for cleaning, and take a stroll around to determine what’s no longer useful and what you can donate or eliminate. Afterwards, you’ll quickly decide what can be kept and what else to purchase.

Build a wintery centerpiece for coffee serving

Table centrepieces look astonishing when they serve some specific purpose or theme, making them the ideal spots to be beautified and transformed into a wintery symbol. These also represent effortless means to reutilize Christmas green stuff and keep the table clean throughout the year.

A centrepiece is completely customizable with the already-owned items, so don’t sleep on the idea of employing one and decorating it in neutrals like whites.

As you can see, there’s only so little effort that needs to be invested into transitioning a Christmassy home to a wintery one, and it should mainly be concentrated on key aspects and areas.