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Is Easter Turning Into Christmas 2 – The Return?

We’ve hardly had time to vacuum up the pine needles and tinsel is still loitering in our carpets and already crème eggs and the new limited edition white chocolate crème eggs are in the supermarkets. We ask: Is Easter turning into Christmas two?

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This year Easter Sunday will fall on 1st April (all fool’s day) and it’s already beginning to look a lot like Christmas as we’re back to putting up decorations around the house, buying gifts for the children – a chocolate egg will no longer suffice, and parents stretch their purse strings even further.


Will you be putting up an Easter tree and decorating it with egg shaped baubles and fluffy chicks?  Will an Easter wreath be hanging on your front door and have you remembered to buy the Easter crackers for the table? or are we all going a little crackers!


Can we expect the Easter bunny to drop down the chimney to leave gifts for everyone on Easter Saturday night?

Easter is great fun for all the family and we certainly enjoy the four day holiday but in the midst of all the decorating and buying gifts are we forgetting that Easter Sunday is the day that Jesus is said to have risen from the dead and that those scrumptious little chocolate eggs actually symbolise Jesus’ resurrection and his new life?


As family arrive to celebrate Easter will you still be hanging your new Easter bunny shaped baubles on the tree and panicking because you can’t lay your hands on those essential Easter themed napkins that you’ve just bought?

Are we losing the true meaning of Easter and turning it into Christmas – the return? Or are we making it more of a holiday and getting all the family together to celebrate with an Easter Sunday dinner?

Will you be decorating your home and giving gifts this Easter?  You can get in touch with us using the comments section and social media buttons below.

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