Kurio Android Tablet

Kurious about the Kurio?

Move over the ipad and make way for the new Kurio 7 Inch Android Tablet which has been designed with all the family in mind! The new and advanced tablet which we were kindly sent to review, features:

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  • Available in Green, Blue & Pink
  • Parental Controls
  • 7 Inch Screen
  • 4GB storage & 1080p Playback
  • SD Slots & USB
  • Google Approved & Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • HDMI Connector & 0.3 Mega Pixel camera on the front & 2.1 Mega Pixel on the Back!
  • Suitable for ages 4-15 and Adults
  • Available from

What is the Kurio 7 Inch Android Tablet?

The new 7 inch  Kurio Android Tablet is equipped with all the latest technology, this is the tablet that both kids and parents love. (Please note that a 10″ version will launch in September)

This safe, versatile tablet comes with its own removable,drop safe bumper for those little ‘accidents’ that kids tend to have.

Full versions of all their favourite apps are already pre-loaded including

  • Angry Birds
  • Cut the Rope
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Doodle Jump
  • Colour and Draw
  • any android application for tablets and smartphones can also run on the Kurio.

With a unique time control feature and web filtering system giving parents exceptional parental control – this has to be  one of  the safest tablets on the market.

The Kurio is designed with the latest in technology and  features a wide selection of parental safety controls to ensure that your little ones can only access the stuff you want them too!

Kids love the Kurio especially as the icons and the layout make it very easy for them to use.

Featuring 4 GB storage plus the availability of expansion via the SD slot by a further 32GB the Kurio tablet has been designed to appeal to both adults and children. Running on Andriod 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich the company have also confirmed there will be 1080p playback if connected to an external display, thanks to the included HDMI connector. You will also get a USB socket for connecting a camera or joystick.

The Kurio Android Tablet manufacturers Inspiration Works say that it will be Google approved, this gives it access to the Android Market rather than depending on 3rd party options. Kurio comes in a green plastic covering which you can remove – we take it more plastic colours will become available- meaning this won’t break as easily as other tablets already on the market.

With its built in apps, multi touch screen, front and rear camera (only available in the 8 and 9″ models) the smallest tablet, the 7 inch, will only have a front facing 0.3 mega pixel camera on the front however there is a 2.1 Mpx on the back.  Large, colourful, sturdy and built with the latest technology in mind the Kurio is a fully equipped tablet for kids, teenagers and parents alike.

Just like higher priced tablets the Kurio is not just another gaming tool but a reasonably priced, multimedia and high quality entertainment device suitable for the whole family.

All the family will enjoy watching video, surfing the web, recording video’s and taking photo’s, the Kurio is much, much more than a kids tablet.

When parents are using the Kurio they can easily switch to the sleek android system via the parental area

The battery life on the Kurio is expected to be up to 6 hours and the coloured, child-proof rubberized case is removable.

Kurio’s Multimedia Entertainment includes

  • Music player
  • e-book reader
  • learning and educational games
  • kurio store
  • video player
  • games
  • music player
  • wi fi enabled internet

What’s in the box?

Take a look at what will be in the box when it arrives at your door:

  • Kurio  7″ Android Tablet
  • Child Proof, drop-safe bumper
  • USB adapter
  • USB cable
  • Power adapter

Games & Apps

InspirationWorks have  pre-loaded  a range of well known games and apps on this kids tablet.

Download even more apps whatever your interests via the  Kurio Android Marketplace.  The Kurio team carefully monitor the marketplace to ensure that  the content is safe for kids and family friendly.

The apps featured are:

  • Angry Birds
  • World of Goo
  • Fruit Ninja
  • Cut the Rope
  • Colour and Draw
  • Doodle Jump
  • Where’s My Water and more

Kurio tablet specifications and Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the specifications, technical details & FAQ’s for Kurio Android Tablet:

  • Created by: Inspiration Works
  • available in  7″ size (10″ model to be released in September”
  • Expandable 4GB Storage
  • HDMI connector
  • Camera
  • USB socket
  • Suitable for ages 4 – 15 years
  • Is there parent safety option? Yes! don’t worry you can put a lock on anything you don’t want your child accessing
  • Will this tablet be google approved? Yes which is a big advantage as you won’t need to go through third parties – you can now use Android!
  • Will this be easy to use?  Definitely! the touch screen is easy to use and because it is designed for kids there is step by step instructions on how to’s
  • Awarded “Best of Show” by Gadget Show Live at Toy Fair 2012

Accessories for the Kurio

A range of accessories for the Kurio will be available as will include

  • Exclusive travel bag for Kurio 7″ tablet which will be available in several colours
  • Soft touch protective bumpers available in several colours

Kurio offers a secure solution for the family, with its separate settings for each family member, parental control features, fully customonizable profiles, content control and password protected parental area.

Not Just for Kids.

Although this is the perfect tablet for kids with it’s easy set up, apps  and amazing parental controls giving them the freedom to surf the web, it’s also ideal for parents too.

The Kurio is an affordable,  tablet that has fun and educational content making it entertaining for all the family

Kurio Android Reviews

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Will this be top of your child’s Christmas wish list?

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