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Christmas Gift Review 2023: Lush Christmas Buds Advent Calendar

Prepare for a festive journey into Santa’s workshop as Lush launches its first-ever Buds Advent Calendar, Here we review and see what ALL the fuss is about…

Lush Christmas Buds Advent Calendar for 2023

Magical, Festive and MASSIVE, are just three words we can use to describe Lush’s brand-new bathing advent calendar and yes, it smells just as good as it looks.

Amidst the chaos of Christmas, finding moments to unwind is precious so sinking into a soothing bath, surrounded by the scent of festive delights, while Christmas music fills the air is the ultimate chill-out session for anyone.

And if you’re looking to add a more festive feel to your routine (who isn’t?!) then you need Lush’s new Buds Advent Calendar in your life.

Buds Advent Calendar by Lush

Now, when we say it’s massive, this is no joke, the advent is huge so you you will need to find a spot in your home to place BUT with its very festive design it looks like part of your decorations.

Designed to look like Santa’s workshop, with gingerbread men, Christmas trees, Snowmen and Wreaths all greeting you as you unwrap the 100% recycled polyester vibrant pink bow.

Lush Buds Advent Calendar Closed

Once opened, you are instantly hit with vibrant numbers counting down the days until Christmas.

Lush Buds Advent Calendar Inside

Behind each window, you will be greeted with many different bubble bars, melts, and bath bombs including the Groovy Fairy Bath bomb, Lump of Coal Bath bomb and Magical Santa Bathbomb, We won’t mention EVERY product as we don’t want to spoil all the excitement.

Lush Buds Advent Calendar Glow Worm

Another highlight from the advent calendar was the added card attached to the bow, which not only lets you know what’s included inside the buds advent but also has a To and From so you can gift the item.

Lush Buds Advent Calendar Card and Bow

Final thoughts – If you’re searching for something completely different, totally gorgeous, cruelty-free and just darn right Christmassy to countdown the days then pick up Lush’s Buds Advent – it will not disappoint.

Lush Buds Advent Calendar costs £125 and is available from Lush.com