Monopoly Revolution

It’s new and it’s round the monopoly revolution game contains:

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  • sound effects
  • music
  • circular board
  • suitable for age 8+
  • available from Amazon

Monopoly Revolution

Help celebrate monopoly’s 75th anniversary with Monopoly Revolution board game. The new monopoly game has never looks so awesome!

With new graphics and a circular board this is like no other monopoly board game. Monopoly Revolution has sound effects, music and a scrolling screen which all affect your game play. No more cash but a electronic unit and banking cards to buy properties. Featuring new zones the cycle zone, the car zone, the rocket zone or the walking zone will your opponent be collecting $2m dollars or will the jail door be slammed in their face!

With monopoly revolution you will receive a game board, game unit, six monopoly bank cards, six movers, 30 title deed cards, 32 houses, twelve hotels, two dice and of course the handy instructions. This is a risky game of business will you walk out a millionaire or will you be broke!

This is an Official Dream Toy which means it will likely sell out fast!

Monopoly Revolution Board Game

Playing Monopoly Revolution couldn’t be easier, even though some of the features have been replaced (there is no money but an electronic unit and bank cards) the rules are pretty much the same you will still be buying properties, selling them and dealing with properties.

Round, Green and has built in music, sounds and new graphics are what make this board game stand out from the rest. Unlike other board games, monopoly revolution board game will revolutionize the way you play forever. To play first listen to the sound and read the scrolling screen which will tell you what to do. Like other monopoly games you can take chance but this time you can decide whether it affects you or an opponent.

Don’t want to risk a Chance card? Move to next un-owned property and put it up for auction for quicker game play. If all properties are owned the great new Forced Deal rule allows you to switch a property you own with one from a player of your choice but you can’t avoid the hands of fate for the whole game. Randomly the electronic unit will give out a Chance card, and if it’s your turn you know what to do. Monopoly Revolution will be a fantastic top Christmas gifts 2010 and will have the whole family laughing.

Feature of Monopoly Revolution

Here is a breakdown on what amazing new feature there are in the monopoly board game.

• Revolutionary round board to celebrate Monopoly’s 75th Anniversary
• Play in style with funky new movers
• Electronic sounds and music you can switch on or off
• Hear the sound of that jail door ‘slamming’ or a party tune when you pass go
• Features electronic banking

Whats in the Box when i Buy?

Here is a list on what you will receive when you buy monopoly revolution game:

  • 1 x Gameboard
  • 1 x Game unit
  • 6 x Monopoly bank cards
  • 6 x movers
  • 30 x Title deed cards
  • 32 x Houses
  • 12 x Hotels
  • 2 x Dice
  • Instructions

Monopoly Revolution Reviews

monopoly top christmas gifts 2010 reviews

Monopoly Revolution is brand new for 2010 and is one of the official top Christmas gifts 2010.

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