Morphsuits for Kids

Take fancy dress to a whole new level with a Morphsuit for kids which we were kindly sent to review.

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  • You can see out through a morphsuit
  • You can drink and breathe through them
  • Suitable for ages 6 -12 years

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Kids Morphsuits Range

Morphsuits aren’t new they’ve been around for years – for adults.  Due to a huge demand they’ve at last been made specifically for kids.

We all know that dressing up is fun.  Kids of all ages love to dress up and with these new kids morphsuits dressing up is taken to a whole new level.

Morphsuits take fancy dress to a new level! These suits are so different to anything anyone has seen before – just wait till you see the reaction your child will get when they head out to a fancy dress party  in one of these.

Join together with family or friends choosing from their wide range of style and colour so everyone gets something different and head out to the party. Then wait for the reaction you’re bound to get!

You can:

  • See through but others can’t see in.
  • Breathe through them
  • Drink through these

Designed so that kids can breathe, drink and see out of these suits parents can rest easy in the knowledge that no one can see in!

They are available in a range of sizes suitable for ages 6 to 12 years and should mum and dad want to take part an Adult range is also available.

Specially designed with children in mind this range has been passed by the European Toy Safety Directive giving parents even more peace of mind.

Accessories for your suit

These cool crazy suits are made from Lycra and are machine washable and feature a Velcro fastened hood which can quickly be removed.

To add even more effect to your Kids Morphsuit why not add an accessory.

Bumbags are available in black, red or blue. Morphsuits make bumbags look cool!

Look super cool by adding a pair of sunglasses (also available in a wide range of colours)

Multi-coloured, stretchy, branded and cool always know the time with a Morph watch.

For the finishing touches add head and wrist sweatbands .

Once you’re sure you’re all looking your best why not take some fun party or family photos up on the Morphsuit Facebook wall for others to see.

Take your pick of plain colours that include:

  • blue
  • black
  • red
  • purple

or choose from some incredible patterned versions like

  • leopard
  • astronaut
  • skeleton
  • ninja.

Wearers are encouraged to post their fun party photos on the Facebook wall.


How far will my child be able to see when wearing the suit?

He/She should be able to read a car number plate from 20 metres away.  These kids fancy dress outfits were extensively tested for visibility and passed with flying colours.

Will he/she need help to remove the helmet?

No – this kids range is designed with a Velcro opening hood for easy removal.

Does he/she need special clothing for underneath the suit?

No!  Just wear what would normally be worn under clothing

How long will it last?

Designed to extremely hard wearing your child will be able to wear their favourite  fancy dress again and again.

Kids Morphsuits Reviews

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