Moshi Monsters Super Moshi HQ

Plan your super moshi missions at the Moshi Monsters Super Moshi HQ which features:

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  • Rox reveal tower
  • Spinning mission screen
  • Rotating chamber
  • Exclusive Elder Furi figure
  • Suitable for age 4
  • available from

Moshi Monsters Super Moshi HQ

Plan your super moshi missions at the Moshi Monsters Super Moshi HQ. Protect Moshidom from the evil villain Dr Strangeglove and his sidekick  Sweet tooth. This Super Moshi HQ is a complete replica of the game that is played online and is suitable for ages 4 and over.

The HQ is built into the volcano which can be found outside Monstro City and this is where the Super Moshis plan all their missions.

Can the Super Moshi’s save Monstro City?

Elder Furi is the monster who owns Super Moshi HQ which is run by glowing green rox. And an exclusive poseable Elder Furi figure (that looks a bit like Yoda from Star Wars) is included. Will you join Elder Furi in the Super Moshi HQ as he tries to guide the Super Moshis through their missions to defeat the evil Dr Strangeglove?

Here are the HQ Features

Jam packed with features, the HQ has a secret pod which is activated by the rox tower which when twisted lifts and lowers the rox. Spinning Mission screen on the top floor of the HQ screen which when spun will change the picture Put your monster into therotating Change Chamber where they can secretly transform themselves.

Climb the steps on one side to reach the top floor where you will find the Spinning Mission screen, no need to take the stairs back to the bottom as you can quickly speed down on the slide to the bottom level.

What’s inside the Super Moshi HQ box?

  • Secret reveal pod
  • Spinning tv
  • Slide
  • Exclusive Elder Furi figure

If you are a Moshi Monster fan then the Headquarters set is the ideal way to get the fun started, it’s also where the Super Monsters work together to protect Monstro city and bring down the evil Dr. Strangeglove.

Will you help defend Monstro City from Sweet Tooth and Dr. Strangeglove?

Specifications for Moshi Monsters HQ

  • Created by Moshi Monsters
  • Based on Moshi Monsters
  • Suitable for ages 4 years and up
  • Boxed weight 1kg
  • Batteries not required

Moshi Monsters Super Moshi HQ Reviews

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