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NEXT reveals the most festive city in the UK

With Christmas just around the corner, retailer Next wanted to tap into the nation’s festive spirit by finding out which cities and regions of the UK are the most festive. Is it your city?

NEXT most festive citys
Image credit: NEXT

From time and money spent on decorations to the number of virtual Christmases, the results provide, the way each city and town decorates varies.

  • The West Midlands are the most festive region in the UK
  • One in five will decorate their homes before the start of December
  • 46% of people are planning to make more of an effort to celebrate Christmas this year

With more than 75% agreeing that this is the best time of the year, Birmingham, Bristol and Cardiff are home to the most festive people in the country with over 75% agreeing that it’s the best time of the year.

Surprisingly the least festive cities are Norwich, Edinburgh and Liverpool. However, less than two-thirds of Norwich residents consider Christmas to be a highlight of their year with more than 1 in 5 stating it’s not something they look forward to at all.

One in five of us will deck the halls before Christmas and 73% consider Christmas one of the best times of the year and 79% say the Christmas tree is the most important part of decorating while 55% say baubles are the most important, just 29% say it’s the indoor lights that are most important and just 18% say it’s the hanging decorations that are the most important.

NEXT most important Christmas decorations
Image credit: NEXT

Will you be one of three in 10 residents of the capital that have decorated before the end of November, spending just under four and a half hours doing so – an hour longer than the national average of 3.5?