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Will you send more than 10 Christmas Cards this year?

Thanks to lockdown restrictions many Brits plan to send up to 10 more Christmas cards and 1 in 10 UK adults plan to send more Christmas cards to loved ones than usual this year according to research done by Royal Mail.

We all love to hear festive cards dropping through the letterbox and sending a Christmas card through the post can mean so much to many and lets them know that you’re thinking of them.

Image by Andrew Martin from Pixabay

The research also showed that those who do send Christmas cards this year will send up to 10 times more than they usually do.

Those also planning to send more cards, showed a little difference between age groups. 15 percent of 18-24 years will be spending more Christmas cards this year, compared to just under one in ten, 8%, of those aged fifty five plus.

As always, Royal Mail recommends that people post their cards early. The last posting date for 2nd Class mail is Friday 18th December, and for 1st Class mail, it is Monday 21st December. For Special Delivery, it is Wednesday 23rd December.

This year has seen families separated and restricted and now more than ever Christmas cards have become increasingly popular. After all, we all love to receive a card and lets us know that someone is thinking of us at this time.

Image by ArtsyBee from Pixabay

Spread some Christmas cheer this year, and if you can, send a card or a small present to someone who will be alone this Christmas.

Don’t forget that the last posting date for 2nd Class mail is Friday 18th December, Monday 21st December for 1st class mail and for Special Delivery, it is Wednesday 23rd December.

Parcelforce also recently announced their recommended last posting dates.