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Christmas Gift Review 2020: Ninja Air Fryer AF100UK

Ninja Air Fryer AF100UK is the healthier way to cook your favourite fried foods including tasty chips and crispy chicken wings. We were kindly sent this to review from AO.com, here’s what Mandy from our team thought.

Image Of Ninja Air Fryer AF100UK
Image credit: AO.com

Mandy said: “I’ve always wanted to try an air fryer instead of using lots of oil to try and cook chips or doing some roasted vegetables so I was really keen to give the Ninja AF100UK a try. When I first received this, I opened up the box and found a quick start guide which had 15 recipes, a cooking chart and a handy set of instructions.

Ninja Air Fryer

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Then I lifted out the air fryer, removed all of the packaging and all the accessories. Included is a ceramic coated pan and crisper plate which as per the instructions, it was washed in hot, soapy water, rinsed and dried thoroughly. The Ninja air fryer is black in colour and has the operating buttons and the function buttons on the front which were clearly labelled.

There were four different function buttons including Air Fry, Roast, Dehydrate and Reheat, I first tried the Air Fry as I wanted to see what it would be like to do some fries. I followed the instructions in the quick start guide which told me I needed the crisper plate, used the operating buttons to adjust the temperature to 180 degrees and set the time at 22 minutes.

Ninja Air Fryer Settings

I did the pre-heat for 3 minutes, added in a tablespoon of oil, placed the fries in and left the Ninja Air Fryer to do its job. Within 22 minutes I had tasty, golden, crispy fries ready to eat and I have to say they were delicious. They were evenly cooked, not at all greasy and were nice and crispy, I was very impressed with the taste too.

Next up I gave the Dehydrate option a try, so again I used the start guide just so that I could get used to all of the different settings, temperatures and timings.  I did some Tomatoes which I sliced, placed at 60 degrees and left for 6-8 hours. I did keep checking on this as it was a long time to dehydrate but within around 7 hours I went back and I had dehydrated tomatoes.

Ninja Air Fryer Crisper Pan

Next up was the Roast setting, I was looking forward to trying this option as I do enjoy foods such as roasted Parsnips, especially on Christmas day. I set the Ninja fryer to the Roast setting and placed in the crisper pan with the parsnips and set this to 180 degrees and the timer to 20 minutes, however I could easily adjust both the temperature and the time if I wanted these crispier. The Parsnips came out beautifully and I will definitely be using this to cook my vegetables on Christmas day.

Finally, the Reheat option was needed as I did cook some pizza which wasn’t quite finished with, so I placed this into the Ninja Air Fryer AF100UK with the crisper pan and pressed the temperature up to around 160 degrees for around 5 minutes and the pizza was ready to eat,  I have to say, it tasted just as good as it did when I first cooked it!

Ninja Air Fryer Food
Image credit: AO.com

Overall I liked how simple and easy the Ninja Fryer was, all of the options and how tasty the food I prepared was. I also liked the fact that the machine beeped when the food had finished cooking. A great way to cook some of my favourite foods in a healthy and easy way.”

The Ninja Air Fryer AF100UK has a 3.8L capacity, non-stick ceramic coating making it easier to clean and can cook up to 6 portions at a time. Find out more over at AO.com here.

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