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12 Days Of Christmas: One MEGA Giveaway #12DaysOfChristmas

‘Tis the season of giving, and we’re turning up the festive cheer with our Christmas Mega Giveaway! Unwrap the magic with a sleigh-load of incredible prizes that will make your festive season merry and bright and is running from 4th December until 15th December. Scroll down to find out how to enter.

Squishmallows Pokémon 10” Piplup – £25.99

Squishmallows Pokémon 10” Piplup
Image credit: Squishmallows

This ultra-collectible, ultra-squeezable Pokémon plush is made with soft, high-quality materials. This Pokémon collectible is perfect to snuggle with during long car rides, sleepovers, and any other moment in your Pokémon journey! This authentic Squishmallows plush is easy to clean, hand wash, then air dry. Squad up with your favorite Pokémon! Join the Squad!

This ultra-collectible, ultra-squeezable Pokémon plush is made with soft, high-quality materials. This Pokémon collectible is perfect to snuggle with during long car rides, sleepovers, and any other moment in your Pokémon journey! This authentic Squishmallows plush is easy to clean, hand wash, then air dry. Squad up with your favorite Pokémon! Join the Squad!

REMINGTON’S Ultimate Limitless Collection, Worth Over £500!

Remington Limitless Collection
Image credit: Remington

Personal styling experts, Remington, has unveiled the latest addition to its popular shave and groom collection: introducing the Limitless Rotary Shaver Collection.

Limitless X5 Rotary Shaver

With individual flexing blades and a 360° PivotBall, the Limitless X5 Rotary Shaver adapts to the unique contours of your face, delivering sharp, clean results every time. To ensure users achieve an impressive close shave, the shaver uses over 130,000 cutting actions to capture more hair in fewer passes*.
Designed with the user in mind, the Limitless X5 Rotary Shaver incorporates PowerSense Technology, which analyses your hair to give you an optimal performance and a perfect shave. Its shave comfort rings also allow for an enhanced glide, while reducing friction by up to 30%** to minimise unwanted skin irritations.

Remington’s Limitless X5 Rotary Shaver is available at Boots, Very, Amazon and Argos at an RRP of £149.99.

Limitless X7 Rotary Shaver

Similar to the Limitless X5 Rotary Shaver, the Limitless X7 Rotary Shaver includes the signature 360° PivotBall, PowerSense Technology and Shave Comfort Rings to ensure a great clean have, capturing hair in the trickiest of places. And with its individual flexing blades, it can shave a higher volume of stubble in fewer passes^, saving you grooming time.

For those stubborn hairs that just won’t budge, the Limitless X7 Rotary Shaver’s turbo mode is on hand to help. By simply pressing a button, the power is increased to drive through coarse hair and stubborn areas. Despite the added power, there’s no need to compensate as the shave comfort rings are designed to reduce friction and avoid irritations.

Remington’s Limitless X7 Rotary Shaver is available at Boots, Very, Amazon and Argos at an RRP of £169.99.

Limitless X9 Rotary Shaver

The Limitless X9 Rotary Shaver comes with the full range of Limitless key features and more, including the signature 360° PivotBall, individual flexing blades, shave comfort rings and PowerSense technology ensuring a clean and comfortable shave.
But that’s not all. In addition, the Limitless X9 Rotary Shaver also has shave-learn LEDs. Designed to give you confidence and control, the intuitive shave-learn LED technology adapts to your shaving routine and monitors your battery usage per shave. This allows the shaver to alert you when there’s just five shaves remaining, so you’re always covered.
Remington’s Limitless X9 Rotary Shaver is available at Boots, Very, Amazon and Argos at an RRP of £199.99.

Scentz 4 Me – All 5 Scents – £22.45

Scentz 4 Me
Image credit: Scentz 4 me

Scentz 4 me is a fun range of 5 on-trend Fragranced Body Mists designed especially for Tweens, so that you can discover the world of scent. There is an option for you whatever your personality and mood so that you can always be confident of smelling amazing!

These fabulously fresh and fruity body mists can be worn individually or layered to create unique scent combinations. Each mist is vegan, cruelty free, and 97% natural.

TCL 40SE Mobile Phone – £139.99

Image credit: TCL

The TCL 40SE hosts the ultimate audio-visual experience with a 6.75-inch 90Hx NXTVISION display and dual stereo speakers. Capture stunning images with the 50MP triple camera, perfect for macros and artistic portraits. The generous 128GB storage ensures ample space for your memories. (One model, colour chosen at random).

Volcanic Potpourri With Winter Oil – £35

Volcanic Potpourri And Winter Oil
Image credit: Boostology

Scent your room naturally with a Potpourri of beautiful black volcanic rocks. These hand-finished Lava and Obsidian stones are encased in a matt black glass jar, with an optional fiery red Agate stone lid.

Simply add 6-10 drops of essential oil (included) to the stones; the porous Lava acts like a sponge, soaks up the oil and then slowly releases the lovely aroma into your room.

Graco FoldLite LX Travel Cot – £80

Graco FoldLite LX Travel Cot
Image credit: Graco


Graco have just recently launched two brilliant value products in the form an upgraded model of Travel Cot and a fuss-free stroller

FoldLite LX is an upgraded model of the popular FoldLite Travel Cot which now includes a raised bassinet for newborns.

FoldLite LX is a great solution for keeping small children safe whether at home or away with the added benefit of the bassinet for naps or fuss-free nappy changes. Its ultra compact fold makes it easy to sling into the back of the car when visiting friends and relatives as a family, especially during the holiday period.

Start-Rite Shoes – £49

Start-Rite's Chelsea Shoes
Image credit: Start-Rite Shoes

Shoes that suit those special occasions – Start-Rite’s select range of classic silhouettes and festive colourways are certain to suit the family get-togethers around the Christmas period. The stylish selection of golds, reds and navy’s is as follows:

Maze Rose Gold
Puzzle Rose Gold and Ruby
Lottie Red
Wonderland Red
Chelsea French Navy

LittleLife Backpacks – £19.99

LittleLife Backpacks
Image credit: LittleLife Backpacks

LittleLife’s award-winning range of kid’s and toddler’s backpacks offer up a plethora of different colourful designs, providing a practical amount of storage that your kid is guaranteed to love. What’s more is that the toddler backpacks have a built-in safety rein which is great for days out with the family because of the freedom your youngster can be safely allowed. These packs are great to stash a mince pie or two in during the family Christmas day walk!

Catit Vesper Minou & Catit Creamy Gift Jar – £89

Catit Vesper Minou & Catit Creamy Gift Jar
Image credit: Catit

Treat your feline friend this Catmas with a cosy hideout and a jar full of delicious, lickable cat treats.

Vesper Minou is a cute piece of furniture which offers cats a warm and loving place to take a catnap when it gets cold.

Catit Creamy is a range of healthy, hydrating treats that cats go crazy for! This gift jar packed full of 80 tubes will be the gift that keeps on giving.

The Bump Plan Book by Hollie Grant – £14.99

The Bump Plan Book By Hollie Grant
Image credit: Hollie Grant

Leading pre-and-postnatal exercise specialist, Hollie Grant, has recently launched her newest book, The Bump Plan.

This book comes highly anticipated, following Hollie’s hugely successful online fitness platform, The Bump Plan, which has now helped over 45,000 women around the world, helping them to build key strength whilst trying to conceive, throughout pregnancy, and into the postnatal period. Both The Bump Plan Pregnancy and Postnatal are endorsed by The Active Pregnancy Foundation, a leading UK charity on a mission to support every pregnant and postnatal woman to be active.

Hollie’s book, The Bump Plan, provides illustrated trimester-by-trimester plans on what exercises you can safely perform at each stage of your pregnancy, guidance about the physical shifts you can expect, information on how to move and get back to doing the exercise you love after your baby has arrived, and nutrition and pelvic health advice.

The Bump Plan (TTC, Pregnancy, Postnatal) – £240

The Bump Plan (TTC, Pregnancy, Postnatal)
Image credit: Hollie Grant

The Bump Plan is the complete online fitness platform designed to help you build strength whilst trying to conceive, exercise during pregnancy, or getting fit postnatally. Giving birth is one of the most demanding things your body can do. The Bump Plan is made for women who want the strength to take it all on, and it has now helped over 45,000 women around the World. The Bump Plan classes are directed by pre and postnatal fitness expert and mother, Hollie Grant. All workouts and advice are industry accredited and physio approved, and members gain so much more including mental guidance, an education hub, community support and more. Enter at any stage of your journey, from trying to conceive, through to pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Arran Scents Of Scotland After The Rain Body Care Gift Set – £33

Arran Scents Of Scotland After The Rain Gift Set
Image credit: Arran Scents Of Scotland

After the Rain captures the unique scent of a spring garden on Arran, following a rain shower. This irresistibly fresh and sensual fragrance is a blend of rose petals, musk, and floral citrus, mixed with the soft notes of Arran’s precious woods. Discover the uplifting feeling of freshness that comes after the rain.

Brigthkins™ DJ Doggo Puzzle FeederBrigthkins™Brain Teaser Treat Puzzle & Brigthkins™ Smarty Pooch™ Training Clicker: Gamepad – £59

Brightkins Bundle Giveaway
Image credit: Brightkins

At Brightkins™ our interactive pet toys for dogs and training tools unlock your dog’s curiosity and bring you and your pet closer together. Developed in collaboration with a certified dog trainer, Brightkins offers Bright Ways for Pets to Play, with toys to combat boredom, treat puzzles and dispensers to slow down fast eaters, and interactive training tools that will engage the entire family. Our toys will help you keep your pets bright and happy while deepening their bond with your family through fun, supervised play, whether you’re teaching new behaviours, boosting mental stimulation, or promoting active play. Visit https://www.brightkins.co.uk/ to learn more.

Numberblocks Friends One to Five, Numberblocks Friends Six to Ten & Numberblocks Step Squad Mission Headquarters – £81.38

See the on-screen magic of the award-winning CBeebies TV series Numberblocks come to life in your child’s hands and imagination, with officially licensed Numberblocks toys and games from Learning Resources®. With the true-to-character features children know and love from the episodes, the Numberblocks Friends One to Five, and Six to Ten collectable figures are ready for endless imaginative play adventures in Numberland. Because every fun gang of friends needs their own hangout, check out the new Numberblocks Step Squad Mission Headquarters playset. This deluxe playset unfolds to over 60cm in length and is packed with hidden numbery features and accessories that help children learn through fun play. The playset includes Numberblock Three, and works with all the Numberblocks friends figures, so why not invite them all over for a counting party!

Visit www.learningresources.co.uk to find out more.

Douvall’s Natural Room Spray – £15

Douvall's Natural Room Spray
Image credit: Douvalls

Elevate the ambiance of your home with Douvall’s Natural Room Spray. This 50ml hand-blended spray revitalizes and refreshes your living spaces with the natural goodness of essential and botanical oils, free from nasty toxins and artificial perfumes.

Douvall’s Destress and Revitalise Organic Natural Shower Spray 50ml – £14

Douvall's Destress and Revitalise Organic Natural Shower Spray 50ml
Image credit: Douvall’s

Experience the ultimate destress and revitalization with Douvall’s Destress and Revitalise Organic Natural Shower Spray. Transform your shower into a luxurious spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home. Elevate your senses and boost your shower routine with this handcrafted spray, expertly blended with essential oils, all made with care in the UK.

Indulge in the uplifting scents of citrus with every spray, awakening your senses with a delightful fusion of lemon peel, lime, basil, and mandarin. The invigorating aroma enlivens your mind and creates a refreshing and rejuvenating shower experience.

Win A Book Bundle Worth £130 Thanks To LitPR’s Treasure Trove!

Literally PR Bundle Of Books
Image credit: Literally PR

Literally PR (www.literallypr.com) is a publishing PR and marketing agency lucky enough to work with amazing authors and brilliant books.

Lose yourself in the world of AI, with the new Cli-Fi ‘Artificial Wisdom’ by Thomas R Weaver.

If love a bit of historical fiction, then Chris Bishop’s ‘Bloodlines’ will fit the bill!

Do you fancy jumping into some unforgettable fiction this winter? We have a variety of titles: ‘Sarah Needs Saving’ and ‘Emily’s Algarve Escape’ by DCR Bond (https://dcrbond.com) , ‘Bright Midnights’ by Lexy Delorne  for a bit of Romance and Fantasy, and Peter Morris’s ‘Mary and Her Seven Devils.’

Like a juicy ‘Whodunnit’ story? Or are you a mystery lover at heart? Why check out: ‘The Pushover’ by Daney Parker  or ‘Paradise Erased’ by Miguel Angel Monzon.

The non-fiction series ‘The Secrets of Life’ by SS O’Connor will help answer life’s big questions, perfect for those over dinner conversations.

This bundle has something for everyone, yours to read on a cosy winter’s day or to share with loved ones.

Jixelz Magic Moves Set – £14.99

Jixelz Magic Moves Set
Image credit: TOMY

Perfect for budding artists! Discover the magic of Jixelz – a fusion of jigsaw puzzles and pixels, igniting endless imaginative possibilities.

Each Jixelz piece is meticulously designed, fitting perfectly with its neighbours. The kit includes two delightful templates…create a singing and dancing rainbow unicorn or a magical star-spangled llama with whimsical wig and adorable poking ears. Alternatively, let your creativity run wild by mixing and matching the pieces to design your very own unique creations. Once you’ve completed your masterpiece, the clever engineering keeps the pieces securely locked together. No need for ironing, glue, or water. Simply lift your designs off the table and proudly display them upright.

Suitable for 6 years+

Toomies Bathtime Barista – £22.99

Toomies Bathtime Barista
Image credit: TOMY

Turn bathtime into a coffee shop adventure with the Bath Barista from Toomies! Little ones can experience their own café fun as they brew make-believe cappuccinos, hot chocolates or festive frothy coffees! Pour water into the spinner to set it in motion, twist the handle to serve, create frothy bubbles with the foamer and add a sprinkle of water with the shaker. This set includes cups, a jug, and has convenient storage space. Easily attach it to tiles, bath sides or smooth surfaces using suction pads.

Toomies Pull Along Peppa – £22.99

Toomies Pull Along Peppa
Image credit: TOMY

This delightful pull-along toy brings Peppa Pig and her companions to life. This ingenious toy is designed with simplicity in mind, yet it captivates children as it rolls along. Three flexible axles allow Peppa, her brother George and their beloved dinosaur to sway from side to side. As the wheels turn and you pull the string, you’ll be greeted with a cheerful melody and amusing snorting sounds from Peppa and George. And watch out for the occasional roar from the dinosaur perched on the back!

Hydro Herbs Gift Set – £60

Hydro Herbs Gift Set
Image credit: Hydro Herbs

Every kit contains all you need for your chosen herb. Using a recycled wine bottle to construct the body of the system, all edges are ground by hand so there’s no need to worry about sharp corners left over from cutting the bottle. Watering the kits could not be simpler just keep an eye on the water line (clearly visible) and top up when needed, every couple of weeks. The kits also come with spare parts so that if your horticultural skills require a little honing there’s a second chance waiting – the perfect way to try growing your very own herbs!

Clockwork Soldier Bundle – £43.96

Clockwork Soldier Bundle
Image credit: Clockwork Soldier

Make a graceful giraffe head to hang on your wall and learn all about life in the savannah.

Create a terribly terrifying dinosaur head to hang up on your bedroom wall so it looks like a terrible T-Rex is crashing into your room!

Step back into the land of the dinosaurs and make a friendly triceratops mask with a moving jaw! You’ll be stomping your way through pre-history in no time! Fully reversible with two colours to choose from. Learn all about this plant-eating giant and hunt down the dino words in the interactive activity sheet.

Create a magical unicorn head to display on your wall. With the included activity sheet, design a special crown and name pendant and add a little magic to your room!

CONNETIX 50 Piece Rainbow Transport Pack – £69

CONNETIX 50 Piece Rainbow Transport Pack
Image credit: Connetix

This pack is all about transportation-themed fun. With 50 pieces, children can build cars, trains, planes, and more. The Rainbow Transport Pack promotes imaginative play, storytelling, and understanding of different modes of transportation..

Playmonster UK Pigs On Trampolines – £19.99

Pigs On Trampolines
Image credit: Playmonster UK

Make ’em fly! Race to bounce your pig off a trampoline and land it in the Mud Puddle to earn a Mud Pie! The muddiest pig at the end is the winner! Yippeee! Jump for joy with Pigs on Trampolines! Use the trampolines to bounce your pigs into the pig pen and try to land in the mud puddle! Every pig you land in the puddle earns you a mud pie. Keep on bouncing your pigs until all the mud pies are gone—the muddiest piggy wins!  Ages 6+.

Playmonster UK Spirograph Doodle Pad – £19.99

Spirograph Doodle Pad
Image credit: Playmonster UK

Create endless Spirograph designs on the LCD screen using stencil wheels! Draw easily on the go or at home, then save and display your colourful artwork. Reset your screen with the push of a button to keep on creating new designs! No paper, no pens, no mess! Includes 4 Cyclex wheels that can be stored neatly inside the doodle pad. Ages 5+.

Playmonster UK Wigglebug Feature Plush – £39.99

Playmonster UK Wigglebug Feature Plush
Image credit: Playmonster UK

Fall in love with the soft, huggable Wigglebug! Wigglebug’s friendly personality, four different interactive play modes, and playful glow provide hours of fun for children while also helping them understand their own emotions and energy levels. The motion-sensing technology of the plush provides interactive play where Wigglebug can actually respond to how your child plays with the plush – glowing blue for soft, calm moments, and orange for fast, exciting moments!

Science Mad Early Skills Science Lab£17

Science Mad Early Skills Science Lab
Image credit: Science Mad!

Develop an interest in scientific study with this fun Early Skills Science Kit. This is a simple laboratory set specially designed for younger children. It includes blue and yellow food colourings, camomile seeds and ten useful pieces of lab apparatus. Perform 10 different experiments, all clearly described in the detailed instruction manual. Gain basic laboratory skills while learning about colours, plants, crystals and much more.

Catit Vesper Minou

The Happy Puzzle Company  Lost 4 Words – £19.99

The Happy Puzzle Company  Lost 4 Words
Image credit: The Happy Puzzle Company

A quick-fire word game; pit your wits and knowledge against your opponents and the clock! Be the first player or team to correctly identify the connecting word and reach the finish line on the scoreboard. It’s a brilliant family game!

The Happy Puzzle Company Snow Problem! – £22.99

The Happy Puzzle Company Snow Problem!
Image credit: The Happy Puzzle Company

Limited first edition. Build your snowman, it’s no problem, just a snow problem! Roll snowballs into position on the puzzle board, stack them to build a snowman – not so easy! You’ll need obstacles to stop them rolling away. 80 challenges to play.

The Happy Puzzle Company The Genuis Square – £19.99

The Happy Puzzle Company The Genuis Square
Image credit: The Happy Puzzle Company

A simple to play, challenging, addictive game with 62,208 possible puzzle combinations – perhaps the cleverest game ever invented! Play with one or two people. It’ll seem impossible at times, but it works every time as there’s always at least one solution – that’s why it’s called The Genius Square!

Asmodee Jungle Hat Dunny – £8.99

Asmodee Jungle Hat Dunny
Image credit: Asmodee

Combining two of the nation’s great loves: Game playing and TV’s toughest entertainment show ‘I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!’ – We’re excited to introduce Jungle Hat Dunny Star Hammock. A game that is sure to be the hit of this year and on every ‘want’ list across the country!

Asmodee Toodles – £19.99

Asodee Toodles
Image credit: Asmodee

Created by Radio One DJ Matt Edmondson, Toodles is the party game that will have your family and friends in endless laughter. Draw together, beat the game, and score points as a team. With three difficulty levels to choose from, Toodles is the perfect addition to any Christmas list.

Elf On The Shelf Tradition Pack – £24.99

The Elf On The Shelf A Christmas Tradition
Image credit: The Elf on the Shelf®

The Elf on the Shelf is a fun-filled Christmas tradition that has captured the hearts of children everywhere who welcome home one of Santa’s Scout Elves each Christmas season. 

Milk & More – Milk for Santa £2.50

Milk & More - Milk for Santa

The country’s leading online milk and grocery doorstep delivery service Milk & More delivers nearly 80 million pints of milk in iconic, refillable glass bottles every year, and is now here to help Santa get onboard with refills… with Milk for Santa.  Launching just in time for Christmas it’s perfect for getting the little ones in the festive spirit and Santa’s good books as he makes his deliveries around the world!

Get ready to make memories and start new traditions with this limited-edition keepsake glass bottle.  The reusable bottle can be filled, and refilled, with your favourite milk or milk alternative and is the ideal treat to leave for Santa, alongside a tasty mince pie and carrots for his reindeer.

Milk for Santa bottles are available to order from 6th November, for delivery from 6th December onwards – just in time for Christmas. RRP. £2.50.

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