Novi Stars Dolls

Announcing the terrestrial landing of the new Novi Stars dolls.

The four Novi Star girls landed their spaceship into New York City and their mission is to meet new friends try new things and find out what on Earth is going on?!

Each girl has an out of this world name – Alie Lectric, Una Verse, Mae Tallick and Ari Roma

They all comes with their own pet, glow in the dark doll stand and the package handle becomes you own antenna headband.

The Novi ship has officially landed in the UK and the dolls will be a popular choice for girls age size and older.

These outrageous dolls already have their own blog and like to share stories of their earthly exploits and activities that girls of 6 and over will love.

A message from the Novi Star girls:-

Hey earthlings! We’re here and having so much fun! We’re already making new friends. We each have own special cosmic quirk, a super cute sidekick pet, and a glow-in-the-dark stand to chill out after a long day. We can’t wait to meet you all!

Let’s find out more about each Novi Star

Novi Stars Ali Lectric
Alie describes herself as iridescent, intelligent and friendly. She has bright pink hair and a translucent green body which when activated by a touch sensor, lights up..

Novi Stars Ari Roma

Ari is bubbly and caring and she lives in her own bubble gum scented atmosphere as she hasn’t learned how to breathe Earth air yet.This super sweet girl wears her bubble and has a pink glitter encrusted body.

Novi Stars May Tallick

Mae  is a chatterbot and this superstar speaks cosmic phrases in her robot-like voice. Her ambition, since coming to Earth is to become the biggest pop star ever.

Novi Stars Una Verse

Una has a clear body which is filled with water and glitter. Her aim is to give Earth a space-age makeover. She has long white hair with blue streaks through it – she really is  a dazzling diva.

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