Octonauts Gup-X Launch & Rescue Vehicle

Kids will have great fun as they set off on an adventure with the Octonauts Gup-X Launch & Rescue Vehicle which we were kindly sent and which features:

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  • 3 vehicles
  • suitable for age  3+
  • requires batteries

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Join Barnacles on this the toughest Gup yet – the Gup X.  Perfect for the most dangerous of all missions the Gup X transforms into three separate vehicles

  • Tank
  • Glider
  • Octoski

You can use your Tank to blast your way through falling rocks, the Glider to speed through both air and water and the Octoski to zip through tiny spaces.

Defend yourself against attack as you transport sick sea creatures like the spider crab or the snot sea cucumber to safety. When the going gets tough, activate the slime shooter and pull the lever inside to launch the slime disks.

With phrases including; this is one rough rescue, it’s time to slime, right on target and more which are activated by moving the yellow lever on the front of the Gup-X vehicle.

Inside the launch and rescue vehicle there is a removable stretcher which when not required stores inside.

This Fisher Price Octonauts set is suitable for ages 3+ and requires 3 AAA batteries which are included. Use the removable creature transport tank or slide the stretcher along the zip wire to safety.

The Octonauts Gup-X Launch & Rescue Vehicle which is also known as Gup-X Shoot & Rescue Vehicle, includes everything you need to explore the incredible underwater world of the Octonauts and when it’s time for bed all pieces store inside.   Please note that this set is not suitable for water play.

What’s inside the Octonauts Gup-X Shoot & Rescue Vehicle Box?

  • Spider crab
  • horseshoe crab
  • snot sea cucumber
  • bandage
  • Barnacles figure
  • rescue pulley
  • 4 slime discs
  •  octoski rescue tank

Specifications for the Gup –X Vehicle

  • Suitable for age 3+
  • Item Weight: 912 g
  • 3 AAA batteries required. (included)

Reviews for the Octonauts Gup-X Launch & Rescue Vehicle

Do you know a lucky preschool child who already owns this fun set?  Let us know what you both thought of it – we’d love to know.

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