Peter Rabbit Treehouse Playset – Are You Ready For An Adventure?

Love adventures and secret hideouts? So does Peter Rabbit and his friends! Suitable for ages 3 years and older, you will have hours of slip sliding fun – we know we did! We were kindly sent this to review.

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This is no longer available.

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If you would like to see how to set up, play and have a closer look at all of the accessories included in Peter’s Secret Treehouse simply watch Katy demonstrate and play on our official YouTube channel below:

Arriving in a big clear box so you could easily see Peter Rabbit and his treehouse the whole office were pawing over who got to play with the toy first, Katy did and she loved how from the very beginning you felt like you were really part of the gang in the forest as the box which contains the treehouse is surrounded with trees.  Emblazoned with a very friendly Peter Rabbit, you will see instructions on how you can play and just exactly where all the secret hideouts are.

From the second you open the box you are transported into Peter’s world where adventure, friends and a little mischief all live.  Based on the popular CBeebies show, parents can simply remove all ties and as no batteries are required..(phew!) children can start playing straight away!

As you make friends with the exlcusive Peter Rabbit figure you can plan secret adventures on the planning tale, spy on your friends with the telescope and when all is said and done hop on the slide and have some fun! Located on the top of the tree you can open the door pop Peter inside and watch him slide all the way down, Katy did say that if parents are playing they may have to drop peter from the top as the door is made for smaller hands!

Trying to sneak away from danger or even a bad tempered badger? Place Peter inside the blue working lift (you can move the lift up and down with the rope) and escape through the secret door which is located on the first floor at the back of the burrow!

Introducing a whole new generation to the magical world, Beatrix Potter’s timeless character Peter Rabbit really is brought to life with the secret treehouse set.

Created by Vivid Toy Group, you will be able to purchase other characters to join in the excitement! Easy to pack away as it slip’s back into the box and as the game is all made from plastic meaning you can wipe away any marks and is very durable.

You can buy this toy today from

Wether it is under a tree root, lurking behind a bush or even sitting in the treetops there is always fun and adventure to be had with Peter Rabbit Treehouse playset.

What are your thoughts on the Peter Rabbit play-set? Share your comments below!

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