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The Perfect Christmas Lights For Outdoor!

Putting up outdoor decorations is a must at UTCT, from berry lights to light up reindeer’s our offices have more lights up than Santa’s Grotto but what we really don’t like is when you put up the lights and the next day they have broke! We were kindly sent these to review.

We take a look at some of the best lights out there which are of a good quality and very affordable.

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LedHut have a wide range of outdoor lights but out favourite one is the LED Outdoor Christmas Cluster Lights. These lights are warm white in colour and are brighter than most as they have a higher concentration of LEDs which gives these a distinctive look.

As these are clusters you can do lots of different arrangements for a unique look, we put these along out fence and they gave a really different effect and there is 3 metres worth of lights and a massive 5m of cable from the plug to the first light so there is plenty of cable to reach where you want to put your lights.

You can buy LED OutDoor Christmas Clutster Lights at LEDHut

Wilko have a range of outdoor lights which are warm white multi-functional LED lights.

The lights have 10 different functions so you can choose different effects and has a total cable length of approximately 18.4m and look perfect around a door, tree, fence or wherever you want to put them!

You can buy these 120 Warm White Multifunction LED lights at Wilko

These red berry lights from Asda can be used indoor or outdoor but we decided to use these outdoors as we have a Holly tree and these looked perfect on the tree as they looked just light red berry through-out the tree.

They give a strong red colour and there are 60 of these lights so there was plenty to go around the holly tree.

You can buy these Red Berry lights at Asda

Asda’s LED White String Lights are perfect if you have a tree that needs a lot of lights. With these multifunction lights there are 8 different functions you can choose to have them as static or flashing and these have a 5m cable which can be plugged into the mains so these can be used indoors and outdoors and give a warm white colour.

You can buy these LED lights at Asda

Have a dull corner in the garden that you are looking to put a bit of festive cheer into? Tesco’s Multifunction Microlights may be just the solution you are looking for.

These lights can be used indoors or outdoors and have 8 different functions so you can choose what function you would like your lights to use and they are not overpowering in colour so they look nice and subtle but will brighten up any corner. With 23.9 meter of green cable these can reach a fair distance and will blend in with the grass.

You can buy these Multifunction Microlights at Tesco

What decorations/lights do you put up outdoors? Comment below and let us know.

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